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About Dan
So, who is Dan and, more importantly, why have his clients considered him their trusted real estate advisor for years and years?

Dan was an entrepreneurial executive with years of business experience as a founder and CEO of tech companies. However, his hobby for the last 30 years has been real estate investment. At the urging of friends who often sought his advice, he applied his vast technology and consulting background as a real estate professional.

Dan's first love is problem-solving. Whether it's been negotiating strategic partnerships, finding the right enterprise software, designing an internet presence, or creating a custom database solution, he has lived to solve problems. 

And that's what a successful real estate transaction requires — anticipating and solving problems. 

Whether he is matching buyers with their perfect homes, using his internet background to create an exclusive website for sellers' homes or utilizing social media to reach prospective buyers, Dan solves each unique real estate problem with the best technology available.

His extensive and arduous training in the art and science of appraisals earned him the National Association of Realtors designation as a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA). This allows him to look at your transaction with the eye of an appraiser. 

However, Dan's very first boss taught him that business success is measured by having a genuine concern for the customer — and he has carried that belief throughout his entire career. As a result, he is available to his clients night and day, ready to alleviate any worries and creatively solve any problems that concern them. 

The most important thing to Dan is that his clients are delighted at the close of their transactions. That's why he receives so many word-of-mouth referrals and works with an overwhelming number of his clients again and again as their needs evolve.