Daniel Liu

Daniel Liu

Realtor® | DRE# 02027888
About Daniel

Born amid the heartwarming bustle of Hutong culture in Beijing, Daniel Liu learned the power of community from an early age. Picture a 6-year-old Daniel pedaling home from school, his cheerful proclamation, "I'm back!" echoing down the winding Hutong lanes. Neighbors would respond warmly, their affirming calls symbolizing a sense of belonging that transcended the boundaries of traditional family. These interactions imprinted on Daniel the true essence of home - a feeling, a sense of belonging. It's this core belief that fuels his passion for real estate today.

Helping his parents renovate properties, Daniel discovered an instinct for interior design and a genuine love for helping neighbors. This fusion of aesthetics and community spirit formed the bedrock of Daniel's ethos as a realtor.

In 2010, 20-year-old Daniel relocated to the vibrant city of San Francisco, immediately resonating with its diverse culture and acceptance. He found a home among the spirited LGBTQIA+ community, diverse cultures, and engaging local foundations. His San Francisco journey has merely amplified his commitment to helping people find their unique place of belonging.

An early adopter of technology, Daniel consistently leverages it to add value for his clients. He stays informed, attending weekly meetings with industry titans to keep abreast of real estate trends. This commitment to growth enables him to provide accurate, timely advice, assisting buyers, sellers, and investors in making informed decisions.

Daniel's paralegal background fuels his entrepreneurial spirit, particularly when facilitating Trustee and probate sales. Known for his creativity, efficiency, and a keen understanding of his clients' needs, Daniel collaborates effectively with everyone, from attorneys to general contractors. His likability and excellent communication skills consistently earn him a 100% satisfaction rate.

With the fast-paced Bay Area market, Daniel brings unique value - sourcing fixer-uppers for investors and connecting sellers with reliable contractors via the Compass Concierge program. He ensures smooth renovations and optimal outcomes.

Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, Daniel's influence extends beyond real estate. He cherishes his fur baby, Choyce, enjoys CrossFit, and runs a successful photography business. This well-rounded lifestyle gives Daniel a unique edge, always pushing himself to higher standards for his clients.

With over 13 years in San Francisco, Daniel's intimate knowledge of the city and unwavering dedication to his clients makes him an invaluable COMPASS advisor. Daniel Liu is not just a realtor - he's a trusted advisor, entrepreneur, and community member dedicated to leading you to your perfect home.

1. Rooted in Community: I understand the importance of home and belonging from my unique upbringing and life experiences.

2. Design Eye: My childhood experiences have given me a keen eye for maximizing property value.

3. Tech-Savvy: I utilize technology to stay ahead of industry trends and provide accurate advice.

4. Paralegal Background: My experience allows me to handle complex Trustee and probate sales seamlessly.

5. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Known for my efficiency and resourcefulness, I ensure smooth transactions for my clients.

6. Multilingual: My fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese allows me to serve a diverse client base.

7. Local Expert: I provide invaluable advice based on over 13 years of living in San Francisco.

8. Compass Concierge Partner: I connect sellers with reliable contractors for optimal outcomes.

9. Holistic Service: My photography and fashion sense add a creative touch to my professional profile.

10. Fitness Enthusiast: My dedication to CrossFit reflects my commitment to delivering high-level service to my clients.


★★★★★ "Daniel was our realtor when my husband and I were looking for a house to buy in San Francisco. We feel so fortunate to have found Daniel, and he made the entire process so smooth. Daniel is very professional and really takes the time to get to know his clients so that he can find the perfect home. He also provided us with great recommendations for mortgage lenders, tax consultants, and more that helped us with several stages of the home buying process. Daniel helped us find a fantastic home that is absolutely perfect for our family and we were able to purchase the home below asking price (which is almost unheard of in San Francisco!) I would highly recommend Daniel for his outstanding service. " - Sharon Meakin

★★★★★ "Daniel Liu is a professional realtor. He respects his job as well as he works diligently. He is always dressed well, and politely and patiently listen to the clients so he knows what the customers want. He drives clients to look around to find the ideal property. He is well-prepared before showing the properties. We really appreciate Mr. Daniel Liu's business attitude. " - Joanna Zhang

★★★★★ "I have worked with Daniel on numerous transactions. He sells homes quickly, efficiently, and has a pulse on today's market. He has always provided my referrals top-notch service and I would highly recommend him. " - Ron Peoples