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Client Testimonials

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"I highly recommend Debbie if you’re looking for a motivated, kind and efficient Realtor. After losing my mother and brother in such a short time, I needed to sell our family home long-distance quickly. Debbie walked me through everything I needed to do and always with a patient and easy to understand attitude. I prayed God would send me a Realtor with grace, patience, and kindness. Debbie was the answer to my prayers. Our family home sold in just a few days after it was put on the market, and for much more than we had anticipated. I felt I had a friend looking out for me during the whole process, rather than just a Realtor. I appreciated Debbie’s clarity at each step of the sale during a very stressful time. Thank you Debbie!"
-Virginia, Seller, Santa Clara

"In 2018, we partnered with Debbie to secure our first home. Her deep expertise in the Bay Area real estate market and adept negotiation skills were instrumental in getting us our first home. In early 2023, we informed her of our intentions to move abroad. Debbie meticulously assessed our options for the short and long term on how to get the best return on our investment. Within a few weeks, she oversaw a necessary house "refresh" and engaged professionals to prepare the house for sale, paying meticulous attention to every detail. Her exceptional communication, market knowledge, and professionalism made this transition seamless. Debbie's dedication and excellence exceeded our expectations, making our major life change a stress-free success. We cannot thank Debbie enough for her commitment to go above and beyond our expectations leading to the successful sale of our home. "
-Greg & Valerie, Santa Clara

"We had our house on the market for a few months with a different Realtor and were having a terrible experience with lack of communication and effort. My sister referred us to Debbie after we took it off the market to decide what we wanted to do. My sister had used Debbie several times in the past for her homes and highly recommended her. I tasked Debbie with the impossible; sell my house, find a contingency home for me, no I don't plan to move out and stage the house, by the way I have two cats and a dog, and I did I mention I am going on several trips and will have an animal sitter in the house? Debbie rose to the occasion. She offered several great tips that didn't break the bank to stage the house under the circumstances. She was at every open house and offered immediate feedback. She was in full contact at any time I needed and often was my therapist during the stressful transitions. In the end we found our beautiful new home and we couldn't have done it without her. I highly recommend Debbie, you won't regret it!”
-Adrienne, Seller/Buyer, Morgan Hill/Gilroy

"Embarking on my first home purchase and doing it as a relocation, were two big leaps of faith at once for me that could have been overwhelming. I am so grateful that I was introduced to Debbie by a good friend, because she was able to help me to successfully navigate a tough seller's market in which homes were accepting offers within days of being put on the market. After interviewing a few realtors, what differentiated Debbie was her passion to help me by learning about me/my needs, answering my questions, her effective communication skills, knowledge about Silicon Valley real estate and on how to make it happen. She was patient and dedicated, week by week searching for properties throughout the week, doing video calls, previewing locations, and spending Saturdays with me when I would fly in to view properties. She would challenge me to both go after what I desired and be realistic, while staying away from areas/properties that didn't align to my long term goals. After 2-1/2 months of the search and escrow, I was able to get the keys to my new home. Debbie was a big part of making it happen, always working for me, keeping on top of all the transaction documents needed, making time to write offers when I was available, collaborating with all other parties, and walking with me throughout the process. Debbie also has a great network of real estate and related professionals she connected me with during and even after the purchase; which was very important since I was new to the area. Even after moving in, Debbie has still made herself available to me as I have navigated home ownership. I highly recommend Debbie Sanders to any prospective home buyer / seller in Silicon Valley. I will surely work with Debbie again in the future! "
-Yuritzi, Buyer, San Jose

"Debbie Sanders recently managed the sale of our duplex. I found Debbie to be a very knowledgeable and experienced agent. When a problem arose during closing, Debbie worked diligently to resolve the problem, always keeping me informed of the progress with daily phone calls. In addition to being extremely competent, she is very personable and a pleasure to work with. I strongly highly recommend her. "
- Bud, Seller, San Jose

"We first met Debbie and Edna at an Open House when we were looking for a house in San Jose. They were the seller’s agents. We ended up buying the house they were selling with our own agent in multiple offers at that time. My husband and I were impressed with the way they handled the sale. Five years later when we were moving to Seattle, we had no hesitation in calling them. We were stressed about the move and didn’t know where to start. Debbie and Edna basically handled everything for us. They even found movers for us. Debbie was very patient with us, walking us through all the paperwork and answering all our questions. Edna was great at scheduling everything including house cleaning, painting, carpeting, staging, hauling our junk and many other things. We basically handed them our keys and left the house to them. They prepped the house beautifully and we got multiple offers (4) after the first weekend! They also helped us choose which offers that would be the most secure and beneficial to us. We ended up with a great offer that was way above listing price even during the pandemic! Thanks, Debbie and Edna, we really appreciate all your help! "
-Charlotte & Mark, Sellers, San Jose

"Debbie-Thank you so much for your tireless and professional help in getting my Palo Alto Condo listed, ready for showing and promptly sold, for well over my asking price.

Since I live in San Francisco, I was not looking forward to dealing with all the real and imaginary issues associated with selling the condo that I had owned for 40+ years and used both as a primary residence for the first 10 years and then as a rental for the last thirty.

Your calm reassurances and attention to even the smallest of details made the process of selling not only highly successful, but also as painless as any transaction like this can be, especially considering that immediately on listing, I left the country for a month, during which time you never lost touch with me, and kept me fully informed on all relevant matters. You are a professional in every sense of the word, and it’s been a real pleasure working with you."
-Richard, Seller, Palo Alto

"Debbie is an exceptional human being and Realtor. I am a first-time homeowner and the process is extremely daunting. In what is very much a seller's market, I dealt with 2 Realtors before Debbie who wanted me to purchase a sub-par home... just because I could and even if I explicitly stated I hated them. Debbie listened to my needs, really understood quickly what I was looking for, and worked promptly to get me to see homes, even amidst COVID. When seeing houses, she would highlight the flaws and considerations of those homes (so that I knew what I was getting into) even knowing it would mean I would not move forward with the house. She has held my hand throughout the process and been incredibly uplifting in times of challenge. She has also been working in this market for almost 20 years so her relationships with other Realtors are exceptional (trust me! this is a very very valuable trait when you get into the bidding process). Once I got into contract, the amount of work Debbie did to solidify the schedule, plan, work with the lender, title agent, and the listing agent who was still working on repairs was tremendous! I cannot speak highly enough about Debbie and would recommend her to anybody wanting an advocate, knowledgeable, savvy, and tenured Realtor to work with!"
- Anna, Buyer, San Jose

"Debbie Sanders is a top-notch professional from beginning to the very end. I cannot put into words how impressed I am with how easy it was to work with her. Overseeing the sale of my family’s home, as trustee of my parent’s estate, was a very stressful situation. I am so thankful Debbie was able to relieve all that weight off my shoulders. Her open communication was astounding! The heirs to the estate had so many questions, she answered each question (no matter how trivial) thoroughly, with ease and in a timely manner. Her expert guidance produced a top dollar sales price over and above our expectations. I am more than satisfied with her dedication and attention to detail, everything ran so smoothly. Job well done, thank you, Debbie!!"
- Mary, Seller, Berryessa-San Jose

"If you’re looking for an amazing agent with expert advice on home preparation, Debbie is the perfect agent for you! I was impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and success in getting the biggest bang for my buck. All throughout this stressful process, I had Debbie by my side to take that stress away. She was completely on top of everything and answered all my annoyingly tedious questions without batting an eye. Debbie is astonishingly organized and always available. She told me where to spend my money and where not to. I was ecstatic with the offer I received for my sale. I was debating which agent to use, I know for a fact that I picked the right one. Impressed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about working with Debbie. Thank you, Debbie!"
- Fred, Seller, San Jose

"Debbie made the experience of selling our home a breeze. Her professionalism gave us confidence we were dealing with someone who knows the industry and process really well. Her guidance on what we needed to take care of and commercial strategy proved invaluable. Debbie took care of all vendors (staging, cleaning, painting, repairs, etc) and really let us focus on moving into our new home. She handled the buyers and their agents with rigor and managed the process expertly! "
- Eylan & Andrea, Sellers, San Jose

"When looking for our first home we were very lucky to find Debbie. She is knowledgeable of the neighborhoods in the South Bay Area and the rapidly changing housing market. We weren’t experienced but Debbie took care of us. She would point out small details to avoid in a house or the ones to appreciate that we didn’t know to look for. Debbie was also accommodating to our busy schedules. Most importantly, Debbie was patient and didn’t push us or try to convince us to make offers on any homes we weren’t passionate about. She helped us find the perfect home that fit our lifestyle and budget within a very competitive market. Ultimately, our experience with Debbie was wonderful and any home buyers would be lucky to have Debbie as their agent. "
- Rita & Justin, Buyers, San Jose

"It is clear from all the testimonials here and my own recent experience buying a house during the time of Covid that Debbie is a rockstar in her profession. Patient, never-pressuring, and always looking out for my interests, she helped me land my dream home in a very tight market. She showed me home-after-home for many months, always making herself available and providing her objective feedback based on my priorities for the home. She also connected me with an awesome mortgage broker. When I was ready to move on a house, she responded swiftly. In this competitive market, you have got to have an advocate/rep who moves fast and reliably, understands the market, knows what to look for in the Disclosure packet (which can be literally thousands of pages), and can develop a good rapport with the Listing Agent/Seller. Debbie fits that bill and will make a fantastic partner for any motivated home buyer."
- Marie, Buyer, Los Gatos

"What a fabulous experience working with Debbie and her team to sell our house of 32 years in Santa Clara! From the start, she guided us through the process like a pro, had her pose of workers spruce up our home, and got it on the market in no time!! I would highly recommend working with Debbie to meet your selling needs."
- Chris & Katie, Sellers, Santa Clara

"When we first met Debbie in January of this year, who could have guessed the course of the last seven months that led to the close of Escrow on our Monteval Court house in San Jose yesterday! Carole and I want to thank you for everything you did during these months to help us accomplish our goal of selling our home for the highest possible price while completing all of the steps necessary to finalize that task. Forty-seven years ago, a couple displayed a "For Sale by Owner" sign on the property and we loved the home on our first walk through. I wrote that purchase/sale contract myself and completed the transaction without either a Realtor and/or an Attorney! No inspections, No Disclosures, No Knowledge of what should have been done at that time! In 2020, the requirements for selling/buying real estate have changed so much one should not proceed into a transaction today without a real professional by their side. For us you were that professional and your skills likely were never more on display than during this Coronavirus Pandemic period! Let me count some of the ways:
* To prepare the house after those 47 years of residency, it was necessary for us to move. Tony Sandoval and his team of movers were the first of your ''team of professionals" we encountered, and they were excellent in packing our possessions and getting us moved. Debbie, every one of your hand-picked professionals that became involved in the selling process were excellent and provided just what was needed from painting and cleaning to hauling out our "junk," each at a very fair price!
* Disclosure has become not only complicated but is a requirement in any current real estate transaction. Thank you for taking so much time to review and edit all our efforts to comply with these requirements! Your involvement reduced my stress level significantly.
* The financial assistance you brought to this transaction through Notable Concierge made it possible to maximize the value of our property. At our ages without employment, we would not have been able to find that funding without your excellent program!
As valuable and wonderful as all these professional attributes were, your focus on us with your warm personality, positive attitude through all the challenges and your clear vision for how best to accomplish our goal were the most valuable aspects of our engagement. You will likely meet new prospective clients that will wonder if the cost of professional real estate services is worth it! I want to offer you the opportunity to have anyone contact us by email or by phone to discuss our experiences over these last seven months. We simply could not have done this vital transaction that will impact our entire future without your help. You have become a friend indeed to us who had a big need!
– John & Carole, Sellers, Almaden

"It was such a pleasure to work with Debbie. As out-of-state sellers with pandemic travel restrictions, we are delighted at Debbie’s handling of our sale from beginning to end. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable, has terrific instincts, pays attention to every detail from the onset, and always seemed to be one step ahead in preparing and marketing our townhome in Santa Clara. She not only worked with our departing tenant for final check-out, she coordinated the so-important sale preparation, staging, and photo showcasing of our townhome. She was always available to answer and explain our every (silly) question. Plus, she sold our property in seven days – and at over the asking price! Her quick to respond, direct, and honest approach enabled us to enjoy a stress-free, easy sale on our part – greatly exceeding our expectations. She is wonderful! We would recommend Debbie in a heartbeat. "
- Mike & Elsa, Sellers, Santa Clara/Alaska

"I don’t use terms like outstanding and exceptional lightly to describe someone – but Debbie truly is. I am 50 years old, and in my lifetime, I have never been more impressed with the level of service we received from Debbie. She went well beyond my expectations and was able to provide a strategy that all of us felt not only very comfortable with, but highly confident in. Debbie was able to, within a couple of weeks, completely turn our house around and get it ready for sale. This was a massive amount of work in itself because she quickly had to pull in multiple bids from multiple vendors – most of whom she had years of prior experience with. To ensure that I knew I was getting the best value, she also had other vendors come in whom she had no prior experience with, but were highly rated on Yelp, etc. This included many painters, landscapers, haulers, handymen, and inspectors. Debbie negotiated with every vendor, got my approval, and had them go to work almost immediately. Our house in Santa Clara, which had not really been taken care of for decades, went from a fixer-upper to a move-in ready and aesthetically pleasing home. My family was awestruck at the difference she was able to create in such a short amount of time. The before and after pictures are hard to believe. Beyond her connections and work ethic, Debbie is a warm, intelligent, and practical person that really listened to my concerns and patiently walked me through every scenario I could come up with (and, believe me, ¨there were many). Her ability to market our home and create initial interest before it listed were also signs of a true expert in her craft. Her ability to negotiate and work with multiple personality types was also very impressive. We had many offers on the opening day, which were, true to what she anticipated, over asking price. She was always accessible and was the best guide I could possibly imagine through this whole process. Debbie is incredibly knowledgeable in all things real estate and we couldn’t be happier with her and her services. I am absolutely confident in looking back that she had the most ideal strategy and was the best person to help us sell our home. She’s someone who I deeply respect on both a personal and professional level, and she is a true POWERHOUSE when it comes to her craft. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough."
- Dave, Seller, Santa Clara/San Diego

"I’m fortunate and grateful that Debbie and Edna were our Realtors. Early March, 2020 my mother passed away. Due to circumstances regarding the mortgage we had to act quickly to sell her home in San Jose. This was a very difficult time, the world was dealing with a pandemic, shelter in place orders were mandated and my family was grieving. A friend of mine who is a Compass agent in the San Mateo County area referred me to Debbie and Edna in early April. I was overwhelmed and concerned we wouldn’t be able to sell the home by June. Debbie and Edna were incredibly positive and assured me they would make it happen. Since the home was vacant, within five weeks they were able to coordinate and schedule inspections, a painting contractor, a gardener, carpet installation, and have the entire home cleaned. We received multiple offers and closed escrow mid June! Thank you Debbie and Edna for all your hard work. You went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations, especially during this uncertain time. Your compassion, professionalism, dedication and expertise is greatly appreciated!"
- Shannon Seller, San Jose

"…Debbie has many years of experience as a realtor, and her professionalism was very evident throughout the selling process giving us valuable advice along the way. She helped us to formulate the best strategy possible for our situation. Once we listed on the MLS, we received 17 offers over the list price in the first week! She was the perfect person for the job dealing with our large family along with a difficult family member. She eloquently worked with this family member to voice their concerns and consider all options to make the best decisions, so everyone was happy in the end. Even better, she is a genuinely nice and honest person to work with…"
- Linda & Dave, Sellers, Saratoga

"I recently had an amazing experience working with Debbie Sanders who sold my mother’s house after her passing. Debbie handled any and all issues with the house, which has not been updated in years. Debbie always had a resource for any issues that arouse during the inspection. She properly positioned the sale price appropriately and we got so many offers that we were able to get more than the asking price. I can’t say enough how working with Debbie made our lives so much easier what a wonderful experience this was during a sad time in our lives. And all this was done while I was over a thousand miles away. "
- Bob R., Seller, Washington

"Debbie is truly the “Best of the Best”… Debbie took care of all aspects, from preparing the home, marketing, negotiating, and finalizing the sale. The entire process was made stress free all the while keeping us in the loop of all that was being done and communicating through the whole process. Debbie is very knowledgeable of the Bay Area real estate market and gave us valuable insight and advice of what did and didn’t need to be done before the selling of the home. Debbie was sensitive to our situation, hand-on, personable, and very easy to work with... She is truly one of a kind! "
- Julie, Seller, Santa Clara

"We recently sold our rental property in San Jose with Debbie Sanders. I can't begin to say enough to praise her work ethic! We live out-of-town and Debbie handled everything for us. She did an amazing job with every aspect of the property from start to finish. Her experience and attention to detail was outstanding! She handled all the prep work to get our property ready to sell. She knew exactly the right price point to list the property for achieving our goals. She received 18 offers within a few days of listing the property, it was the best experience. Thank you Debbie for all your help and hard work, you are truly the best there is!"
- Kathy & Butch, Sellers, Modesto

"From our first meeting with her, we felt comfortable and confident in her preparation, knowledge and recommendations on how to best proceed with the sale of our home. After we jointly agreed on the plan forward, she developed a detailed schedule for the inspections, work to be performed in preparation for marketing, and cost estimates. All the inspections and work performed on our home were coordinated and managed by Debbie, and most impressively, all these items were accomplished on time to the schedule she laid out for us… The majority of our interaction with her was conducted remotely since we moved out of state, but she was in constant communication with us via phone calls, emails and texts, and we were never in the dark about the status or progress of our home sale. Because of her knowledge, recommendations and planning, our home sold quickly and closed in less than one month. Debbie is the best agent we have ever worked with, and we highly recommend her to anyone planning to sell their home. "
- Brian & Michelle, Sellers, San Jose

"Debbie Sanders, you're an awesome real estate agent, what can I say, with your fore site and knowledge you helped sell my home in a week! You didn’t let up on sharing what you know and giving me all the help, you could offer me. THANK YOU! my San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Willow Glen, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, Milpitas friends, I highly recommend Debbie if you decide to sell or buy a home in the area! "
- Rita, Seller, San Jose

"It is my pleasure to recommend real estate agent Debbie Sanders. Faced with selling my mother's home, I was referred to Debbie by a trusted friend, and she more than lived up to her competent and easy-to-work-with reputation. Having never sold a house before, I was nervous about the whole process. I need not have worried. Patient, knowledgeable and encouraging, Debbie made the experience positive and successful. At our first meeting, she took great care to explain her sales approach and her thoughts behind it. She provided guidance every step of the way, was always available to answer questions, and kept me up to date on progress. She even made the mountains of post-sale paperwork easy to deal with! Selling a family home can be an emotional roller coaster. I’m glad that Debbie was by my side! "
- Terry, Seller, Santa Clara

"As a first-time home buyer in the Bay Area, it was quite a journey to say the least, but the more I worked with Debbie the more I knew that she had my family's best interests in mind… She was thorough when it came to reading disclosures, but also great at making sure that we as buyers knew all the issues we may face. She did an excellent job presenting a professional bid, which I know was a key factor in us being able to buy a house. "
- Greg & Valerie, Buyers, Santa Clara

"We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Debbie and Edna in buying our first home in the Bay Area. They expertly guided us through the process in an extremely tight market. They were there for us every step of the way—from answering our many questions about different neighborhoods and communities, to walking us through the appraisal process, to recommending movers. Their prompt and knowledgeable advice always put us at ease. It was such a pleasure working with them both. "
- John & Adrienne, Buyers, San Jose

"My husband and I couldn't be happier with Debbie Sanders as our realtor. She is so knowledgeable in her field as well as personable. The thought of selling our house was not something I was looking forward to doing, but Debbie made it almost effortless. We trusted her advice on what we needed to do to get our house ready to be marketed. It really paid off! She really took care of us and she really cares! "
- Greg & Lynn, Sellers, Morgan Hill

"It is our good fortune that we met Debbie and Edna at an open house breakfast in our neighborhood. We were immediately impressed with their welcoming and open nature as well as the amazing knowledge they had of the Bay Area and the real-estate market in general. Two years later we were in the market to sell our home, and it is never easy to decide on the realtors to work with. We are so glad we selected these two wonderful ladies. Very professional in their approach to every aspect of the sale, amazing empathy and they spent a lot of time to understand our needs and preferences, and a strong rolodex of contacts in the area from photographers, stagers, carpet cleaners to contractors; everything in the process worked extremely well and was superbly managed. We were moving out of station and with a 2-year old toddler. Debbie and Edna made the process very seamless and low-touch for us once they understood our needs, explained every element of the process extremely well, were super responsive and gave us honest feedback. They made their schedules adjust as per our needs. They got us an amazing price (highest ever in our neighborhood) and made the entire experience wonderful. We would highly recommend their services to anyone and everyone. They are just Rock Stars at what they do!"
- Simran & Guneet, Sellers, San Jose

"Debbie made the entire process very easy. She explained every step of the way, made recommendations that worked out beautifully, and got us the highest price possible; more than we expected. She knew the area extremely well and understood the needs of buyers. She was highly attentive to all details, returned phone calls, and emails immediately, gave us honest feedback and was available to us at all times. Her years of experience were invaluable in this process."
- Mary Beth, Seller, Sunnyvale

"Debbie Sanders is the consummate Real Estate professional. Her confidence and command of the process convinced us to move out of our house of 25 years, even before it was listed, and trek all the way across the country to our new local in New York state. She proactively managed the paperwork process upfront to get buyers comfortable with the house and minimize surprises and issues during the escrow period after the sale. She was also nimble enough to deal with market changes as other properties came on the market around the same time as ours. Debbie’s vast experience handling real estate is key to making the process successful. "
- Mike & Nancy, Sellers, Morgan Hill

"Capable, timely, smart, energetic, determined, successful, enthusiastic, attentive, accommodating… Debbie has a list of excellent contractors at her fingertips that would make a home builder drool. Debbie’s expertise and sensitivity in facilitating this will never be forgotten by me or my siblings. She worked with our timeline and strategized with us on what would be the best way to market his home…she had the house on the market within 3 weeks. All landscape, painting, remodeling and staging was done in this short time. Within 3 days of the open house we had accepted an offer and final papers were signed. All of this was done with me living over 150 miles away! Debbie goes beyond the extra mile; she is the best of the best. "
- Peg, Seller, Santa Clara

" When my husband and I realized we were going to make the move from where we grew up in San Jose, CA to a brand-new state, we added relocation specialist to the qualities we were looking for in our realtor. We were very glad to find out that our good friend, Debbie Sanders, also had that knowledge in her repertoire! It made the decision very easy to call Debbie again to help us sell the same house that she had helped us purchase 12 years earlier. Over the years we reached out numerous times to Debbie to take advantage of her vast network of contractors and service providers. She seemed to have a contact for everything! From looking for which bank to pick to refinance our mortgage, to who we should call when we wanted to put in a new backyard fence and new landscaping, Debbie’s providers never failed to be the best, and she also became a great friend to us in the process. Truth be told, our house would not have sold when it did, if Debbie wasn’t our realtor. It was her knowledge of everything about the real estate business that made our sale possible. We had over the years we reached out numerous times to Debbie to take advantage of her vast network of contractors and service providers. She seemed to have a contact for everything! From looking for which bank to pick to refinance our mortgage, to who we should call when we watched the market change right before our eyes from a hot seller’s market to a luke-warm buyer’s market, and we felt so fortunate that our house sold for as much as it did, especially during the holidays! This is 100% due to Debbie’s excellent time management skills and her expertise as a realtor. Debbie’s property management skills when it comes to getting a house move-in ready are unparalleled! She suggested to us that the best way to get “Top Dollar”, was to make our move to Arizona and vacate the house, so that she could have her best contractors come in and make it sparkle like new! Her plan worked, and we were so grateful for all her hard work throughout the entire process. Being out of state when you are dealing with selling your home can be very nerve-wracking, but Debbie made the process run so smoothly! When everything didn’t go our way at first, even with all the work she had done to get the house ready, Debbie helped us stay emotionally detached and then found us just the right buyer! Debbie, Chris and I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and your professionalism to us from beginning to end! We will continue to recommend you very highly to all our Bay Area friends and family! THANK YOU so much, for everything! "
- Chris & Christina, Sellers, San Jose

"My husband and I couldn't be happier with Debbie Sanders as our realtor. She is so knowledgeable in her field as well as personable. The thought of selling our house was not something I was looking forward to doing, but Debbie made it almost effortless. We trusted her advice on what we needed to do to get our house ready to be marketed. It really paid off! She really took care of us and she really cares! "
- Greg & Lynn, Sellers, Morgan Hill

"We had the pleasure of working with Debbie for both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old house. We had such a smooth experience on both transactions, and it was all due to her industry expertise and willingness to go the extra mile for us. Debbie was extremely attentive to us during the entire process...When we worked with Debbie to purchase our new house, she helped put together a competitive offer extremely fast...Debbie also guided us through the entire process. When selling our old house, Debbie really went above and beyond...She found and scheduled all the vendors, our house had many offers and it sold over asking within the first week! As first-time sellers, we cannot be more grateful at how easy this process Debbie has made it for us! "
- Eddie & Sophia, Buyers & Sellers, Mountain View

" Debbie’s help and advice were invaluable to us as we had to make this important decision quickly. We chose a new-construction home as our first choice and Debbie helped us develop our strategy for prioritizing lot selections, and then, best of all, represented us at the lot selection lottery--and we got the plan we hoped for! We're very happy with the location and are very thankful for Debbie helping us discover this home and for being there for the lot selection. She was a delight to work with and we can happily recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a high-caliber real estate professional to help them with their home search or sale. "
- Gregory, Buyer, San Jose

" [Edna & Debbie] combined personal caring and warmth with efficiency to help me get through what could have been a very stressful process. It is clear that you are both highly seasoned professionals who really get the job done well! "
- Dea, Seller, San Jose

"I was so impressed last year with Debbie’s professionalism, knowledge, and high level of service, that I asked her to assist them again this year. This time, my parents’ search concluded successfully – they closed on a house next to mine, and in significant measure, this success was due to Debbie’s professional handling of negotiations and innumerable details involved in the transaction. These are the attributes that Debbie Sanders brought to bear in representing my parents in the purchase of their new home: Professional competence -- experienced and knowledgeable in real estate; Responsive: Able and willing to provide a timely turnaround to questions or concerns; Punctual and responsible -- delivers on commitments; Ethical: Prioritizes the interests of the client above her own; Patient and sensitive to the individual needs of each client; Business-like and at the same time pleasant to work with; Thorough – does not leave details unattended; Results oriented. "
- L.T., Buyer, Santa Clara

"Working with Debbie as our agent while selling our home of 28 years was absolutely seamless. She helped us with every step and thank goodness. The process can be emotional and overwhelming, especially with all of the paperwork. She was always calm and professional but with an uplifting sense of humor that was a great comfort and put everything into perspective. She has a keen eye to details and was wonderful at telling us how to prepare our home so that potential buyers could see themselves living in the home. She had a great referral list of vendors that helped prepare our home and expedite the process. Debbie is a great and prompt communicator! She went above and beyond our expectations and we were well pleased with the sale price of our home. "
- Bob & Sue, Sellers, Campbell

"We stumbled across Debbie while house hunting; her real estate knowledge coupled with her engaging personality attracted us as buyers. She made us feel like her only clients; although we know that was not the case... Above all, Debbie put in the effort and hard work and had the house flipped and ready to go within a week. The house looked amazing and the right offers came in! She moved quickly and diligently; the process could not have been any easier or smoother. She is hands down the best in the business in our opinion and if we ever need to move again she will be our first choice in real estate agents! "
- The Baqlehs, Sellers, San Jose

" Debbie was prompt, efficient and in constant communication with us at all times. She was professional and reliable throughout the entire process. She is very knowledgeable about the area and the market and appears to have an excellent working relationship with others in her field. The outcome of our sale was more than we expected; multiple offers, cash for an amount much more than our asking price and escrow closed in a week! We have another rental and when it's time to sell, I wouldn't consider using anybody but Debbie"
- Anna & Tony, Sellers, San Jose

"Debbie provided the professionalism, sensitivity, patience, and great communication we needed for this challenging transition. Debbie educated us about our options; was an excellent communicator; and prepared and executed an efficient plan for putting our house on the market. It is clear that Debbie is passionate about her job -- she has expert knowledge of the housing market, but also understands the human aspect of selling and purchasing a home. She handled all the details such as the many inspections, repairs, painting, yard cleanup, and staging amazingly quickly and cost-effectively. She is a delight to work with, and I look forward to staying in touch with her as a new friend! "
- Barbara, Seller, San Jose

"Now that the dust has settled I want to express my very great appreciation for Debbie Sanders' support and guidance through the very fast process of selling my condo. Your experience and knowledge, your invaluable referrals to needed resources, your calm assurance, all made this not only an endurable process, but actually pleasurable. I am so grateful for your help. You were my best possible guide on this journey. "
- Gloria Elizabeth, Seller

"I would like to highly recommend Debbie Sanders. Debbie handled the sale of our home from start to finish with close attention to details and with professionalism. Her friendly manner and competence was apparent in all matters. She visited early on to offer suggestions on getting the home ready for sale, and once we were ready, helped with staging to ensure we received the best possible price. Her suggestions showed sensitivity to our financial situation as well as expertise in showing the home in the best possible light. Debbie is a hard worker and we truly appreciated her judgment and knowledge of today’s market. We could not have asked for a smoother sale. "
- Linda K., Seller

"My family and I found the house of our dreams and sold our prior house while in the loving care of Debbie Sanders... She helped us find a great mortgage broker, get bids for work on the house we were selling, project managed contractors. She took time, explained each step, each process, communicated effectively with my husband and me in a way that worked for each of us. I have never seen anyone work so hard to make sure her customers are taken care of. I am a busy executive who travels quite a bit, so Debbie used technology to make sure I could sign documents even when I was on the road with my customers. Both of our houses closed on time and with very little effort on our part."
- Dan & Katie, Buyers & Sellers, Los Gatos

"We worked with Debbie to sell our house in Santa Clara and she did a fantastic job from day 1 until close of escrow, and even after that. Debbie was full of good advice, knew the right contractors, and was always available to answer any questions we had. We felt we could trust her to do the right thing for us. She was very knowledgeable about the current market situation and the potential buyers, and we were very happy about the outcome of our sale. Debbie is everything you're looking for in a real estate agent, with a great personality. "
- Tony & Beatrice, Sellers, United Kingdom

" Debbie never pressured me to go higher, though the Sellers countered with a much higher offer and though she knew that I was prepared to spend more if I was so motivated. She wanted to make sure I was comfortable. Once my offer was accepted, she continued to work with my lender and the title company to ensure that everything stayed on-track to meet a tight close schedule of just 3 weeks. On top of that, she took the time to meet with contractors (for upgrades I am planning) on my behalf, so I wouldn’t have to take time off from work. I consider myself a very detailed and thorough person, and I was impressed with Debbie’s attention to detail and follow-thru. She stayed on top of every detail, responded to every query quickly, and kept me informed every step of the way. I'd recommend her for anyone who wants a highly communicative and on-the-ball agent. "
- Marie, Buyer, San Jose

"Debbie Sanders has done an amazing job as our Agent in selling our home. Debbie is very professional, knowledgeable, very responsive, and very helpful. She kept us informed every step of the way, keeping on top of all of the little details – ensuring that selling our home process went as smoothly as possible. She provided a level of professional service beyond our expectations. We have only the highest praise and recommendation for Debbie. "
- Brian & Margie, Sellers, Campbell

" Debbie has a warm, engaging personality and I knew right away I could trust her… She shows an incredible attention to detail and gave invaluable advice about how to prepare our home for its sale. Debbie has an incredible work ethic--I was often surprised by all the extra effort she gave, everything from meeting with all the inspectors and contractors to picking out plants for our yard. She never hesitated to run an errand or make a phone call if it helped me in any way. After we got into contract, she was even more impressive. I believe she got us the best possible price for our house. Selling a home can be an overwhelming process, but Debbie made it a very enjoyable experience…"
- Debby, Seller, Mountain View

"Debbie listed and sold my home in San Jose while I was living in Tucson AZ. I had my house rented out for almost 2 years and decided to sell and bring my money here to AZ. Debbie handled absolutely everything there, from very professionally and diplomatically giving my tenant notice, to handling all the inspections and any of the work done to prepare my home for the market. I never once had to step foot in California. She had my home in contract in 5 days! Not only was it on a busy street, but it had years of deferred maintenance and Debbie was great at knowing what and where to spend the money to get the house sold! Debbie is great at working with people. She took what could have been a very messy situation with tenants, to having them "thank" her for her help. She also had them moved out in 2 weeks which positioned my timing on the market perfectly. When you hire Debbie you won't be disappointed! She is a high end agent with a high end company that works to bring her clients the best results..."
- Brian H., Seller, Tucson, AZ

"Debbie Sanders was extremely understanding and very helpful in our goal of preparing our home for sale yet staying within our budget limits. We decided from the start to put our trust in Debbie's advice on the preparation of our home. We are sure glad that we did because our home sold in 5 days and we had multiple offers, despite a very depressed market. At no time did we ever feel we were left alone wondering what to do next. Debbie was there every step of the way to guide us with expertise, energy and enthusiasm. What more can any homeowner ask for? "
- Bill & Rhonda, Sellers, Corvallis MT

"I was a little bit scared when planning to buy a house. Fortunately, Debbie made the whole process a lot easier. With her profound knowledge on housing market and financial planning, she helped me have a clear vision what type of house I should have at current stage of my life and how I shall handle with it in both short term and long term...Debbie is so patient and always there with me. Finally, we found a home I love deeply, and Debbie's perfect negotiating skill made the deal with a price of my great satisfaction. Moreover, Debbie is a caring person with easy-going character, and I feel like to have been working with one of my family members. Her warm-hearted help and organized manner gave me the sense of security I had wanted, and I know that I am in good hand..."
- Yuankai, Buyer, Santa Clara

"My experience with Debbie was AMAZING! She was very helpful and found exactly what I was looking for in my price range. Everything was signed, sealed & delivered within a week of us meeting & her looking. Debbie is really on the ball and still to this day if I have questions or need anything she is right there to help me. She was the best and I refer her to all my friends looking to buy. She made my experience in buying my first home fun and not scary!"
- Erin, Buyers, San Jose

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Debbie to sell my house and I must say she is Best Realtor Ever! She not only did the initial market analysis she also actively monitored the market while we were preparing my house for sale, watching for houses to close or go on the market. My house required a lot of work to be ready and she had a network of excellent people in the trades to get everything ready. She was very conscious of cost/benefit, advising spending hundreds rather than thousands on projects to get the house ready for market. Her marketing was also excellent! In a somewhat slow market her efforts helped to generate a huge interest in the property. The open house was a non-stop event with people parking a block away to come see the house. I was also very impressed with the way she handled all the offers and her negotiating skills. "
- John, Santa Clara, Seller

"Reliable, dependable, honest, with integrity and stellar professionalism. When my mother passed away, I knew just where to turn when it came time to sell her home, knowing that I would be well taken care of with my best interest in mind. I had no clue what I was doing and it was such a gift knowing there was someone I could trust to walk me through. Debbie went way above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything went smoothly. "
- Jennifer, Santa Clara

"Debbie Sanders was our listing agent and did a great job assisting us in the sale of my mother's home. The home was in a Trust and Debbie was well versed in working with a Trust and assisting the family on the necessary documentation. She worked diligently to help us get the house ready in a timely fashion. She helped organize the removal of personal items and orchestrated all the work to prepare the house for the market. We believe without her knowledge of the market and the advice she gave concerning what the house needed, we would not have had such a fast sale or the price she was able to negotiate. We had multiple offers and sold for over asking. "
- Maureen, Seller, San Jose

About Debbie
A native of the Bay Area, Debbie has resided in Santa Clara for over thirty-five years with her husband, three adult children, and two grandchildren. While raising her family, Debbie discovered a passion for landscaping and interior design. Her love of homes led to a natural progression into the real estate profession.
Her natural ability to see things from a creative design and landscaping perspective adds value to the multifaceted service she offers her clients. Debbie holds the Quality Service Certification® designations of a platinum rating for quality customer service. She also holds the designations as a Relocation Specialist with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and is Distressed Property Certified. Debbie’s continuing education showcases her desire to stay current in today’s real estate market.

Debbie is a member of the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS® (SILVAR), the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR), and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). All of these associations uphold a strict code of ethics and ensure that their members are up-to-date on the latest marketing techniques and legislation affecting real estate. In addition, she is active with Multiple Listings Inc. (MLS), which gives her access to information on properties throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties and most recently includes the Central Valley.

Debbie is dedicated to providing her clients with a stress-free, service-oriented experience, whether they are listing their home or are looking to purchase one. With confidence, she can represent you, negotiate on your behalf, and help you achieve the best possible price.

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