Denis Zimero JR

Denis Zimero JR

Real Estate Associate

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About Denis
Born and raised in S. Florida, Denis grew up in a household of healthcare professionals. Before Denis became a licensed real estate agent he was a seasoned personal trainer, giving him the ability to help clients implement the right behaviors to achieve their health and fitness goals. While encouraging the highest level of education to drive quality programming. His specialization is in helping clients in finding properties and position clients in the most favorable scenario.

Denis strives to find the optimal properties for his clients throughout the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. His relentless pursuit in exhausting all avenues to ensure his clients, are given the best service. Are key attributes to what makes him successful.  

Denis believes Miami is on the path for exponential growth and building prominent areas for all individuals worth living in and creating a world hub for strong investments.

A current student at the prestige Florida International University Business School, in pursuit of a BBA in Marketing Denis is an avid traveler and is fluent in English.