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About Dio
Dio Chang comes to with over 10 years of sales experience and had the record breaking sale in 2017 of $23.4 million. Read more about it in the link below! Originally from Taiwan, Dio is fluent in both Chinese and English. His international connection brings a broad scope of marketing opportunities for his clients. Dio's passion for helping people drew him to real estate. He has a genuine ability to connect with people and problem solve, making him an exceptional and reliable broker.

With an acute eye for design and attention to detail, Dio brings a unique point of view to the table. His innovative ideas and negotiation skills are a true asset to his clients. From buying to selling, Dio confidently navigates each transaction ensuring every detail is reviewed and thoroughly explained. Real estate investments are one of the biggest decisions one will make in their lifetime, and Dio has a deep commitment to his clients to promise to be their strategist and ultimate advocate to help them find the right home.

When he isn't keeping up with the latest fashion trends or touring open houses, you can find Dio in the kitchen! An obsessed foodie, Dio loves to cook, visit new restaurants and enjoy tasting an incredible glass of wine.
Client Testimonials

Dio Chang knows each individual is different from their preferences, needs, desires, styles and expectations when searching for a home. He listens to his clients and searches for the best properties to suit their needs. I had cultural superstitions that included the direction the house faced, flow of the house and positions of doors and windows which limited my options significantly, however Dio was patient and knew that eventually I would find “my home.” Whether you are purchasing a $300K or $1-5 million plus home, you will receive the same impeccable service because it’s not about the price of the house, it's that you are treated with the same respect regardless of the amount. His patience, attention to detail and professionalism is the reason I can confidently recommend Dio Chang if you are looking for a home.
– Carol Carpenter, CEO/ Managing Partner, MotoVixens LLC