Eric Donelson

Eric Donelson

Realtor® | DRE# 01982255
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Listing Agent, Relocation, Consulting, First Time Buyer Specialist


Laney College - Real Estate
Berkeley City College - Associate's Degree, Sociology

Client Testimonials

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"Eric is a gift to us. We contacted him to help us find a home because we were asked to vacate a house we were renting within 5 months. He knew that time is of the essence so he worked immediately in setting us up to view homes. Eric listened to us too--a very important trait for a real estate professional--and made sure that our top wishes were present in the houses we looked at. Eric also was responsive and communicates well. He understood and sympathized real life scenarios, conflicts, and barriers so he was able to problem solve with us and discuss alternatives to the home buying process. Eric also connected us to a great home loan officer that made the process even smoother. Lastly, Eric got us chosen for both of the houses we bid on! He developed great connections and communication with the listing agents that enabled us to finally purchased the 2nd home we bid on--2 months before the deadline. Eric's efficiency, effective communication, knowledge of the ins and out of the business and market, and sincerity was the integral reason that enabled us to purchase our dream home."

"Eric Donelson was our buying agent and we feel fortunate to have been able to work with him. He made the whole process such a breeze, was super communicative and punctual. He was professional, yet had a very warm approach. I don't believe we could've asked for a more responsive agent, with obvious depth of experience. One of the best parts of working with Eric was his thoroughness; in fact, he was the one who alerted us to wiring part of the down payment, and if it hadn't been for his reminder we would not have closed escrow on time. Thanks, Eric!! We recommend his work to anyone who wants a home buying experience with the least amount of stress. He definitely takes good care of his clients."

"Eric represented us in the sale of my Berkeley home. Eric was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is caring, professional, extremely responsive to all forms of communication - calls, texts and emails and an overall impressive project manager. I was emotionally engaged in the process as I had lived in the home a long time. Eric helped in a variety of ways to lessen the stress of the whole process. He went above and beyond. I will always be grateful to him."

"I should have written this review long time ago because Eric was an amazing agent!! I told him from the beginning we wanted to take our time to find the right home, and not even once we felt pressured during the few months we took to find our absolute dream house! We had a lot of requirements on our list, and during those months he work tirelessly to help us fulfill those requirements, sending information, choosing the houses we really like (it was incredible how fast he understood our needs!), sharing with us his great knowledge of the market and the area, and answering questions. He answered most of our questions within minutes! ...and the few times he didn't know the answer he went and found out! We cannot deny that his devotion for his dogs was important for us, and a sign of his great kindness and loving nature! We would have given him 10 stars if we could! ...and in top of all these wonderful things, we really connected, and had so much fun together in the process!"

"Eric listened to our needs and were able to find us a home that matched our needs. We need a ranch style home with as few steps as possilble and he kept that in mind in all the homes he was able to show us."

About Eric
Eric has developed the strong skills necessary to be a successful real estate agent. He achieved academic excellence while earning his Sociology degree from Berkeley City College. He graduated with honors respectively. What's most important to Eric is integrity, honesty, strong work ethic and an ability to communicate effectively. Eric strives for excellence and does whatever needs to be done to satisfy his clients.

Working with Eric allows you to have access to the multiple local listings companies. Whether you're a seller or a buyer, this means you get maximum access and exposure to listing sites and inventory. With Eric as your preferred agent, you can relax and enjoy a powerful professional team on your side.

Eric searched for two years before finding the perfect home for himself; he understands the necessary patience and time needed for buyers to make great decisions.

Eric uses his experience, including the numerous professional contacts he works with, to help you when you are considering selling, buying or renting property.

Eric owns and operates a drone that has the capabilities of shooting 4k images and videos. He uses his drone to provide his clients with aerial footage.