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About Gail and Ben Team

Lance Huebel, Gail Huebel and Ben Pierson work together on the Gail and Ben Team.

The Gail and Ben team are native Texan's and love Texas and helping people! They have been top producers in Central Texas for many years and delighted to help their clients. Gail Huebel has been in the real estate industry since the 1980s and has an abundance of experience! Gail formed the Gail and Ben team as a family business and not only partners but with her son in law, Ben and son, Lance who are all hands on deck with the dedication and integrity that the team has grown their business with. They are dedicated to helping people and enjoy working with all types of buyers and sellers. They have a fondness as well in helping military families since military is in their family and the Gail and Ben team is all about family. They strive to make a positive difference in their clients' lives every day through the purchase, sale, and/or investment in real estate.

This mother-son combination allows them to enjoy what they do and stay true to what they believe in - family. It's their love for family that drives them to go above and beyond for every one of their clients as they understand that one integral part of a family is their home. Whether it is buying for the first time or selling to move up or move on, every time they interact with a client, that person(s) is the most important to them! Their commitment to clients is a long-term relationship that forms friendships , a resource for life, and a real passion for them and their clients.

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