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Gina Bartolacelli

REALTOR® | DRE# 02091516

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About Gina
Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Gina Bartolacelli, I'm a Realtor in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I started my journey in real estate mid-2012, when my dad approached me to help my (highly successful!) mom, Wayka Bartolacelli, who was having a particularly busy year as the economy - and Marin County real estate market was bouncing back from the 2008 economic crash.  Doing her files, I learned the ins and outs of the escrow process, and between being her transaction coordinator, to her marketing specialist, and everything in-between, my love of the business blossomed.  Yes, I love doing paperwork and studying the numerous forms and contracts involved in a purchase or sale. In fact, our Broker Risk Management meetings are something I actually look forward to regularly attending as we discuss new laws, disclosure, and how to mitigate risk for our clients in an ever-evolving industry.  For many years I worked as Wayka's assistant, and often other agents and licensed transaction coordinators would come to me for support on various projects or escrows.  
I learned the business from the back-end from one of the most trustworthy, ethical, and respected agents in Marin County, and after a number of years working a bit more behind the scenes (and helping her close over 150 transactions), we formed our team, Casa Bartolacelli.  

Gina and Wayka Bartolacelli; Casa Bartolacelli Team; Marin County Real Estate Agent; Mother-daughter team; Compass  Wayka and Gina Bartolacelli; Casa Bartolacelli; Marin County Real Estate Agent; Mother-daughter team; Compass agents  Gina and Wayka Bartolacelli; Casa Bartolacelli Team; Marin County Real Estate Agent; Compass agents; mother-daughter team  Casa Bartolacelli; mother-daughter team; Gina and Wayka Bartolacelli; Compass agents; Marin County Real Estate Agent; Compass Concierge; Listing prep  Casa Bartolacelli; mother-daughter team; Gina and Wayka Bartolacelli; Compass agents; Marin County Real Estate Agent; Compass Concierge; Listing prep   Wayka and Gina Bartolacelli; Casa Bartolacelli; mother-daughter team; Compass agents; Marin County Real Estate Agent  Casa Bartolacelli; mother-daughter team; Gina and Wayka Bartolacelli; Compass agents; Marin County Real Estate Agent; Listing agent; millennial realtor

Our core values always centered around our clients, if it didn't directly benefit them, we weren't interested in it. From our initial meeting, to long after we close, we have strived to maintain trust and transparency, and to be an advocate, a fiduciary, a friend, and a resource to our clients.  One of our specialties has been assisting sellers with prepping their homes for sale, it is a passion that both my mom and I share(d).  Furthermore, with the launch of programs such as Compass Concierge and Compass Capital, we have enabled a number of clients make improvements on their homes for resale, without dipping into their savings at all.  Any funds borrowed are paid directly through escrow at closing.  This has taken the upfront financial burden of selling a home off the homeowner, and in turn, really allows us to do the necessary work needed to make their property really shine. Whether its a coat of paint, or a full kitchen remodel, we are attuned to what the market demands and find the most cost-effective ways to get our clients' homes stand out to the widest pool of buyers, and sell for maximum profit.  

Gina and Wayka Bartolacelli selecting designer materials for a listing; project management; home renovation; listing launch; Compass Concierge; Casa Bartolacelli; kitchen remodel; bathroom remodel; Marin County real estate color specialists! Design team; Casa Bartolacelli; listing launch; Compass Concierge; shopping at Benjamin Moore  Wayka Bartolacelli packing away donations for a client; listing prep-work; behind the scenes at our listings; hands-on realtor; Casa Bartolacelli; Marin County Real Estate Agent  Before and After photos; decluttering; home staging; deep-cleaning; listing launch; Casa Bartolacelli; Marin County Real Estate Agent

In addition to project management, another value-added service I provide my clients is staging.  From fully vacant homes to fully furnished, I cater to what my clients need, and in the process save them thousands of dollars by using my own inventory of staging props, rather than hiring an outside staging company.  Here is an example of a recent listing I staged.

I believe in long-term relationships with my clients, many of which already are, or quickly become, good friends. No sale is too small, nor property too far (unless it's completely outside of the Bay Area, then I can refer it to a trusted colleague - and yes, you definitely want a referral from a licensed Realtor. Agents inherently work harder on your behalf via referrals because they have an outside party - in this case, me - to hold them accountable for a job well done).  One thing that sets me apart from other agents, is that I consciously strive to treat everyone involved in my listings or sales with respect and equality, and I am proud to consistently receive positive feedback from other agents that they enjoy working with me.  In this wonky real estate market, where anything can happen, having a real estate professional that is  a team player and a problem solver is so critical to navigating uncertainties, and taking the stress off your plate.  I have assisted a vast array of individuals, from clients downsizing after 60 years - and needing to find a place for 60 years of 'stuff', or first-time home buyers, young families, move-up buyers, investors, people relocating to or from the area, multi-generational moves, and everyone in-between, I love people.  I am a firm believer that we have the opportunity to learn and grow and be better humans from each interaction, if we are open and receptive to listening to one another.

Let my calm, easy going and diplomatic personality, and thorough, detail-oriented work ethic help guide you to a successful close.