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About Gloria

Gloria Carmona is a dynamic individual with a passion for building meaningful relationships and achieving success in the real estate industry. Born in Colombia, South America, Gloria has embraced her multicultural background and utilized it to connect with a diverse range of clients.
Gloria's drive for personal growth led her to immerse herself in every available class on human relations and sales. This dedication to continuous learning has played a crucial role in her success.
Gloria's professional journey began as a news anchor for Univision, a prominent Spanish TV station in Los Angeles, California. During her 13-year tenure, she had the privilege of interviewing global leaders, honing her communication skills, and fostering a deep understanding of the importance of effective storytelling.
Transitioning into the real estate industry, Gloria quickly established herself as a top-performing agent. She has demonstrated exceptional sales skills and a deep understanding of the market. Consistently recognized as a top agent, Gloria's commitment to excellence has earned her the trust and loyalty of her clients.
Beyond her professional achievements, Gloria is an avid reader and writer. She channels her passion for knowledge into mentoring new agents and guiding them toward success in their careers. She finds great fulfillment in helping others grow and achieve their goals.
Above all, Gloria's greatest joy in life is her daughter, Hannah. Gloria cherishes the bond they share. 

Her mission statement, "We choose Relations before Transactions," reflects her core values of fostering harmonious relationships and providing genuine support to those around her.

Today, she has become one of the most respected agents by Latinos in the Entertainment Industry, much admired for her discretion and attention to detail. Gloria draws on her investment savvy, negotiating skills, market expertise, and love of people to help her clients navigate the Los Angeles real estate market.

Gloria's ultimate goal in life is to be of service to others, without judgment and with unwavering empathy. Real estate, for her, is not just a profession but a means to achieve the freedom to explore different aspects of herself and live a life of purpose and example.

Client Testimonials

"Gloria Carmona is a superior agent. She stays a step ahead of us in the process and has solutions before we even become aware of any issue. Unlike many realtors, Gloria's listening skills are exceptional so she follows through with actions which are exactly as we have discussed. She has many resources who are quickly available to assist with property cleaning, damages or repairs, and more. She personally pays attention to critical details and rolls up her sleeves to proactively handle things; this is extremely rare from our experiences in buying and selling many properties. Most importantly, Gloria puts her clients first and explains every option for making offers, accepting offers, making counter offers and completing a transaction based on what is best for the client--not what is best for the realtor.
"- Charles and Kim Apple

"We can not recommend her enough!

We began working with Gloria Carmona in the spring of 2011 and spent nearly a year looking for the perfect home. As we had just moved to Los Angeles we were getting to know the area and spent a lot of time looking at houses and neighborhoods before we even had a sense of what we wanted and yet we never got even a hint of frustration from her. Tireless, extremely professional, friendly and warm, Gloria really cares about her clients. She wants to ensure they think about every aspect of their purchase both from an investment and emotional standpoint. She understands that a client is a long-term relationship not a short-term sale and is not looking for a quick exchange. The only issue we have with Gloria is that now that we have bought our home we have to wait to sell it to hire her again, which we will do without thinking twice. We cannot recommend her enough to anyone buying or selling a property."

— Ben Odell, Lucia Odell
Partner at 3Pas Studios - Hollywood

"El Servicio de Gloria es INVALUABLE!!!

El servicio que Gloria nos ha brindado desde que llegamos a este pais, es INVALUABLE. No solo nos consiguio la casa ideal, sino que nos ha llevado de la mano en el dificil proceso de cambiar de vida y cambiar de Pais, ha resuelto todas nuestras dudas y necesidades. Sentirnos acompañados, protegidos y bien recibidos ademas en Español, no tiene precio.. Y eso es lo que tu Gloria nos haces sentir, que hemos llegado a nuestro hogar!!! Gracias Amiga."

— Eugenio Derbez y Alessandra Rosaldo

"Gracias Mi bella Gloria!

Haber conocido a Gloria Carmona fue lo mejor que me pudo pasar en ese viaje a Los Ángeles. Es de esas personas que encuentras una en un millón, en quien puedes confiar con los ojos cerrados. Su entrega y disposición son impecables y si a eso le sumas su gran sentido del humor y calidez humana te encuentras con una gran amiga como lo hice yo. Gracias infinitas mi Gloria bella."

— Barbara Mori

"She delivered!

We met Gloria and knew right away that she was the right fit to help us find our dream home...and she delivered. She has a combination of professionalism, assertiveness, and finesse. Gloria helped us navigate the home-buying experience and made the process very smooth. She calmed our anxieties when we needed it and stepped up and represented our best interest with the seller. Within 90 days after meeting Gloria, we were in our dream home. She is not only a true professional, but has become a friend. We would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a top-notch agent."

— Jonathan & Nhien Lasky

Gloria Carmona’s Listings

a living room with furniture flowerpot and wooden floor
a brick building with a tree in front
a backyard of a house with wooden fence
a backyard of a house with lots of green space
a view of a plant in a garden
a bird view of a house with a yard and potted plants
a wooden bench sitting in front of a building
a living room with furniture and a large window
a living room with furniture and a potted plant
a living room with furniture and a floor to ceiling window
a living room with furniture and a fireplace
a picture of a living room with furniture and a flat screen tv
a living room with furniture and a fireplace
a view of a patio with couches and a potted plant on a brick wall
a view of entryway and hall
a living room with furniture and a potted plant
a living room with furniture a potted plant and a fireplace
a reading room with furniture and rug
a view of kitchen with furniture
a living room with furniture and a fireplace
a kitchen with a table chairs stove and wooden floor
a room with gym equipment
closeup of a potted plant sitting on a table
a kitchen with granite countertop a center island and stainless steel appliances
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a table chairs sink and cabinets
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances kitchen island granite countertop a refrigerator and stove
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances kitchen island granite countertop a refrigerator and a stove
a view of a dining room with furniture and wooden floor
a view of entryway and hall
a view of entryway and hall with wooden floor
a bedroom with furniture and a couch
a living room with furniture and a flat screen tv
a bedroom with a bed and a table
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
a view of walk in closet with clothes and shoes
a bathroom with a bathtub and a sink
a bathroom with a tub a sink and mirrors
a view of entryway
a view of a hallway and a livingroom with furniture
a living room with furniture and a fireplace
a living room with furniture and a couch
a living room with furniture and a potted plant
a bathroom with a shower sink and mirror
a outdoor view with a sitting space
a outdoor living space with furniture and city view
a view of outdoor sitting area with furniture
a view of a terrace with couches and sky view
a backyard of a house with table and chairs
a car parked in front of a house
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