Hanif Ratansi

Hanif Ratansi



Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent

Client Testimonials

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"Working with Hanif was an amazing experience! Hanif was thorough from the very start. He wanted to understand what I was looking for in a home and worked with me every step of the way to find it. Hanif was super available and responsive and was willing to look at a hundred houses with me, until we found the right one. Beyond just being an agent, Hanif had so many helpful tips, recommendations, and suggestions for ALL things home related - a life saver for someone like me who is new to the game! Even now that the process is closed, I know I can reach out to Hanif with questions and still get the same attentive response as I did as his client. I cant recommend him enough." - Kendall

"There is something so wonderful about working with Hanif, it’s almost magical. None of the previous agents I’ve worked with can hold a candle or even compare to Hanif’s level of professionalism. Since the very start of our search for our new home till closing day, he’s been completely involved in the entire process. Hanif truly makes you feel like you are not alone. His guidance and how hard he works and roots for YOU is amazing. Hanif always keeps you informed during the process, he’s always on YOUR side, he never rushes anything and always goes the extra mile and best of all.. he listens and adjusts to whatever your family needs. He helped us search for our new home from Puyallup all the way to Marysville. He truly becomes more than just an agent.. he becomes a friend." - Lauren

"Hanif is awesome! It took us 6 months to buy our house in a highly competitive market. We relied on Hanif the whole time for advice, positivity, stamina, and protection from our own bad ideas on how to write offers. He's knowledgeable and experienced: he helped us understand appraisal contingencies and how to make offers that were competitive while still protecting ourselves from drastic surprises. He also knows houses, and pointed out problems with sloping, flow, pests, construction defects that we hadn't noticed, or pointed out opportunities for home improvements that would increase a house's value or make it suit our needs better. He's well-connected: he knows many of the other agents (buyers and sellers), plus gave great recommendations on inspectors, contractors, cleaners, loan officers, insurance agents, basically anything we needed. And in a market like this, where you have to spend a significant amount of time every week visiting homes and talking about them, it's important ..." - Alex

About Hanif

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Hanif Ratansi has always been a people person with a sense of humor and an appreciation for architecture and the human endeavor. 

How did Hanif start selling homes? While working in IT at Microsoft, he attended a real estate interview with a friend on a whim. The conversation sparked his interest and the feeling was mutual. He took the Realtor exam in 2002 and went from tech to real estate overnight. 

“From old Victorian homes to growing up in the shadow of the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, I have always loved architecture and the feats humans go to in order to create amazing things,” says Hanif. “When I look at a home, I like to appreciate what’s been done and imagine what could be done too.”

The main focus of Hanif’s real estate career is relocation—for which he has personal experience. “When I moved to Seattle in 1992, it was hard to know what areas were good or bad. You actually had to live somewhere first to know,” he recalls. “As clients move here, I take it as my personal responsibility to make them feel at home like a local from day one.”

He knows that being in a brand new city, with a new job and a new house can be overwhelming because he’s been there.

“I’m an East Coast transplant and I understand what it’s like living there and here,” he explains. “When clients transition here, I have been in their shoes and make an honest effort to recommend neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, and experiences in and around the city that I know they’ll love.”

Hanif shares his passions for food, drink and the arts—the things that fuel his soul. And he genuinely shares his signature enthusiasm with each of his clients. They love how he gets as excited as they do when looking for the perfect place. But he also realizes a huge part of his job is simply to listen.

“You have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason,” he smiles. “The more I listen, the more I learn. It’s important to ask a lot of questions and learn everything I can to better understand the human aspect of this process.”

Because really good realtors don’t just sell homes, they also play the role of financial adviser, psychologist and friend. Although he has plenty, accolades are not important to Hanif. What makes him different is how he sees the relationship as a team effort that he takes very personal.

“I won’t recommend anything to a client that I wouldn’t recommend to my mother or my sister,” he explains. “I consider clients asking me to find them a house a very significant thing, like asking me to take care of a child or a favorite pet. It’s that important.”