Hertha Wolff-Arend

Hertha Wolff-Arend

REALTOR® | DRE# 02002648


Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent,
Country Homes, Horse Properties

Languages: German, English, Spanish (conversation)


Universität des Saarlandes (German University)


Crisis Line Volunteer

Client Testimonials

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"If you're searching for a realtor who is professional, organized, and chock full of emotional intelligence, look no further than Hertha Wolff-Arend. From start to finish, Hertha illuminated our way forward with grace and ease toward a home purchase. At every turn, Hertha was there with the answer to all our questions. Her integrity is a quality we cherish. She always follows through with each of her promises. Purchasing a home is both a financial and emotional investment. Hertha understands this. Her confidence instilled a sense of calm in all our transactions. We felt both seen and heard. We highly recommend Hertha for your next real estate transaction. She is better than good. Hertha is a great realtor with a loving heart. A winning combo!" - Ingrid

"Hertha was extremely helpful in our home search. She made sure to give us all the resources for buying and was diligent in her search for us. I highly recommend her." - Christina

"Looking for my perfect home is exciting, yet stressful. I have a "vision" of what I'm looking for, but wasn't great at articulating that. Hertha took the time to sit down and really explore what I needed, in detail. From location, to property size and suitability for my horses....she left nothing to chance. As we worked our way through possibly properties, I felt she was a very good advocate and was constantly working to fine tune the type of properties she presented to me. I highly recommend Hertha. She is the complete professional who has your best interest at heart." - Susan

"Hertha lead me through the process of sellng with patience, professionalism and engagement. She recognized my needs and made sure that everything worked out to my advantage. She negotiated the best possible purchase price and she also organized the help I needed such as house staging, cleaning, handyman etc. She was constantly on top of the game and did not leave anything to chance. Hertha is authentic and is the most pleasant agent you can work with. I would refer her at any time."

"Hertha was exceptionally helpful in finding a home that works for our family and going above and beyond to get us situated in the community. A pleasure to work with."

About Hertha

Hertha, a former marketing and advertising professional in Germany, made a bold decision to leave her corporate job and embark on a new journey in California. With over a decade of experience, she seamlessly transitioned from a marketing manager to a highly effective real estate agent, leveraging her exceptional skills to cater to discerning buyers and sellers.

Living in California since 2005, Hertha has developed a deep understanding of the local real estate market, particularly in the picturesque region of Paso Robles and its surrounding areas. Her expertise extends to selling country homes, where she has demonstrated a remarkable track record of success. Whether it's a charming farmhouse nestled in the vineyards or a sprawling estate with breathtaking views, Hertha possesses the knowledge and insights to navigate the unique intricacies of this market segment.

During her tenure as Managing Director, Hertha adeptly identified her clients' objectives and crafted robust strategies to accomplish their goals. She understood that sellers and buyers alike require a well-thought-out plan to achieve their desired outcomes. Merely relying on visually appealing listings in the MLS and glossy magazines, hosting open houses, or hoping for a favorable outcome is insufficient for sellers. They seek an agent who can formulate a comprehensive strategy that not only yields the highest possible return on their home but also minimizes stress and fosters a mutually beneficial transaction. Buyers, too, desire a seamless and rewarding experience, ensuring they acquire a home of excellent value.

Just as the most accomplished business professionals rely on skills, strategy, and a plan, Hertha adopts the same approach. If you are curious about the strategies she employs to help clients achieve their selling or buying objectives, particularly in the realm of country homes in Paso Robles and the surrounding area, Hertha welcomes you to engage in a conversation with her. Discover how her expertise can guide you through the intricacies of real estate transactions while ensuring your goals are met.