Howard Babushkin

Howard Babushkin

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About Howard
Originally from New York, Howard is excited to call South Florida his home. Growing up on Long Island and living in Manhattan for many years he always had a love for the South Florida way of life.

As a successful dentist with practices in New York and New Jersey he always had a hand in the real estate game. Keeping involved and informed on market trends and the pulse of the real estate industry Howard was able to have much success as a real estate investor and home flipper. It was truly where his passions guided him.

So, after a 26-year career in dentistry and a long-standing love for real estate Howard transitioned into a full-time real estate career. He believes that everyone can and should live in their dream home. Whether it's your dream kitchen or that amazing yard or that master bathtub that calls to you, Howard feels your home should reflect you and what that dream means to you.

He would be honored to help you fulfill that dream and have it become a reality.