Iliana Abella

Iliana Abella

Residential Real Estate | Executive Director of Sales | The Abella Group

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★★★★★"I am a physician from Los Angeles who accepted an amazing career opportunity here in Miami but couldn't decide on renting or purchasing a home. I began my searches on Zillow and was immediately bombarded with listings from agents. I found Iliana via Compass and she immediately impressed with her knowledge of Coral Gables and Pinecrest. She investigated every rental I asked about and it became clear to me that purchasing was my better option. In addition, every agent we spoke with knew of her and spoke glowingly of her. I affectionately refer to Iliana as the Godmother of Coral Gables! Iliana always answered the phone or immediately called me back with my endless questions and need for referrals. She has great connections with bankers, title agencies, contractors, gardeners, etc. The last thing I want to mention is that Iliana is simply a joy to be around. She is quick witted, funny, highly intelligent, responsible and very personable. Iliana made my transition from Los Angeles to Miami a breeze! "
— M J Kelly.

★★★★★" Excellent work, very professional, friendly and enthusiastic. Always willing to help, making you feel safe at every step. Thank you Iliana Abella. Excellent work, very professional, friendly and enthusiastic. Always willing to help, making you feel safe at every step. Thank you Iliana Abella. "
—Sahily Diaz

★★★★★" Iliana Abella is an exceptional, professional, and skilled realtor. She represented us in the sale of our house and was highly responsive and efficient throughout the entire process. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns in navigating the sale, and achieved great results. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property! "
—Rebeca Doran

★★★★★"Iliana is an amazing professional and above all an extraordinary person. My wife and I were delighted to meet her and have her in our lives since almost two years ago. Her professionalism, support, effectiveness and kindness guaranteed us the renting of our first very nice apartment in Coral Gables two years ago and now the buying of our first dream/townhouse in North Miami Beach! Professionalism, as she always kept our interests above everything else, support, as she was there 24 over 24 to guarantee that even in the hardest moments we had a light at the end of the tunnel that would keep us going, effectiveness, as our buying process would never been well-succeed without the intervention of Iliana, and finally kindness, as her words, smile, good will and empathy have been a constant throughout all these years. God bless Iliana and her Family, as she really deserves all possible blessings in this life!"
—Manela and João Gil Pedreira

★★★★★"Oh man, what is there to say about Iliana Abella in a small amount of text... Iliana is by far the hardest working, smartest, fairest ‘realtor’ I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. I use the term ‘realtor’ loosely because she is a heck of a lot more than that. From selling our home, to going to bat for us and working tirelessly 24/7 in an insanely competitive market, to finding our dream home (off the market) by going outside the box and sending cold call letters to the two streets we really wanted to be on, getting a hit, and then spending six months negotiating with the person, to getting us THE BEST mortgage broker and insurance broker in history........ she delivered 150% at every intersection where you need a realtor and delivered 150% qt another 10 intersections that I didn’t even know I’d need help. Above all, across multiple situations, what I enjoyed the most about working with Iliana, was the fact that she is an unbelievable problem solver, negotiator and - more importantly- she is incredibly honest, transparent, caring and fair. We always felt that she had our best interest at top of mind and treated us (and every party) with an incredible sense of respect. She’s also just darn FUN to be around, ALWAYS cheerful, high-energy and in a good mood! I wish I bought/sold homes for a living, because my wife and I are honestly a little sad that we don’t get to interact with her daily anymore! I can safely say that our dealings with Iliana were the most pleasant business transactions of our lives. Do yourself a favor and take it from someone who deals with realtors/brokers almost daily for work - Iliana is one of the few in this world that have YOUR best interest as their number one focus and work their tail off for your happiness. We could not recommend working with her more!!!!"
—Andy Rodriguez, Co-founder -The Salty Donut

★★★★★"I knew the moment I met Iliana I was going to work with her the day we decided to buy a home and two years later she helped my family buy our very first home! My daughter finally has the yard and space to play and grow. With the market being as challenging as it is Iliana was on top of all the deals and had a vast knowledge of all of Miami. She had the best lender and title company and we had no delays in getting to closing day. I have recommended her to all my friends and family and will surely work with her in the future."
— The Iturrias.

★★★★★"My husband and I were out-of-towners trying to find a home in Coral Gables/Coconut Grove. Iliana was great at sending us listings and recommending areas to focus on and what the true value of properties were. Not knowing if we wanted a single family house or condo - she was extremely patient showing us both options. She grew to learn our style and quickly booked showings to maximize our trips to the area. She is very knowledgeable of the area and has deep connections to other brokers and their listing and potential listings. Her efforts paid off! We found the perfect home and bought it at a great price. She has worked above and beyond. She’s still helping us with loose ends and we are most grateful. "
— David and Patricial Wendell

★★★★★"Iliana is superb, professional, knowledgeable, and extremely proactive! having moved from overseas to Coral Gables, knowing next to nothing about this area, she provided much needed guidance and advice. She found us a great deal, and she helped with the negotiations for our home purchase in a proactive and creative manner that is second to none! Iliana spent a lot of time and energy with our home selection, but never once did she show impatience or give up, even when we had complications with the bank financing. We highly recommend Iliana for your real estate needs... she has the know how, experience, and determination to make your deal work!"
— Mohammed Abu Tayeh and Alia Al-Kraisha

★★★★★"Iliana is a high energy, aggressive, very talented professional. She is receptive to her client's wishes and input, while still offering her exceptional expertise. She and her team worked very hard and consistently on the sale of our home. They kept us informed every step of the process. I would highly recommend Iliana, and would use her again should the need arise."
— Barbara Hilyard

★★★★★"Iliana will get it done, and with a smile and style. What a joy working with this upbeat professional! We found a glorious short-term rental in Miami Beach, and also closed and moved into our new home at the beach in 3 months! Iliana is a Wonder Woman, her people skills are her superpower, she was able to forge and maintain a relationship with the seller of a house even after our offer was accepted then rejected twice. When we rushed over to sign contracts after this roller-coaster ride, we ended up having wine with Iliana, her husband, and the sellers. It was so unusual but wonderful… and that is Iliana. She got us our dream house. She will get you your dream house. You can text her 24/7 and she is responsive and will always return a text or call. Her network of professional contacts after 30+ years in the business was essential for the inspection, and closing and insurance. She was so helpful as we were moving from New Jersey and didn’t know anyone. She has been incredibly helpful after the sale, too. I miss her already. Five stars."
— Todd M. & Emily H.


Compass Florida Top Producer 2018

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Compass Florida Top Producer 2021

Compass Florida Top Producer 2022

Chair of Master Broker's Forum

About Iliana
Iliana Abella’s 30-plus-year career has been punctuated by many great successes, most recently as an owner of a private brokerage, where she specialized in  luxury residential real estate in the Greater Miami area. Her endeavors have led to exciting collaborations on renowned projects, working with celebrity clients including professional athletes, diplomats, foreign nationals. Highly sophisticated, knowledgeable, ethical, Iliana is currently the Chair of South Florida's top residential realtor organization Master Brokers Forum and has been part of that prestigious group’s Board of Directors since 2005. Iliana takes great pride in providing clients with a personalized high-quality service, the evidence of which is clear a long history of repeat and referral business.

She believes that real estate is more exciting than ever, using technology communications to elevate the client relationship experience in coordination with a cutting-edge company like Compass.  Making a mutually beneficial match between buyers and sellers is always exhilarating, but it doesn’t outshine the day-to-day enjoyment of working with new and interesting people on new and interesting deals. The cosmopolitan nature of South Florida makes the region an inspiring place in which to live and work, Iliana considers herself fortunate to truly love what she does. The work is dynamic, the relationships engaging, the opportunities continuously regenerating. When not working hard on behalf of clients, Iliana’s preferred pastimes are boating, fishing and skiing.

"Iliana Abella is a Power Player in Real Estate and Miami"

Iliana Abella’s Listings

an aerial view of residential houses with yard
a view of a house with a yard
a living room with furniture ceiling fan and a window
a bedroom with a bed and a fireplace
a view of living room with a front door
a view of a dining room with furniture window and wooden floor
a view of a hallway with windows
a bathroom with a sink a bathtub and a window
a kitchen with white cabinets and appliances
a view of a chair and table in the balcony
a very nice looking room with a large window and furniture
a bathroom with a double vanity sink a toilet a mirror and shower
a bathroom with a granite countertop sink a toilet and a mirror
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
a view of a backyard with swimming pool
a view of a backyard with swimming pool
a view of a backyard with swimming pool
a view of a backyard with swimming pool and furniture
a view of a patio with couches table and chairs and potted plants
a outdoor space with lots of tables and chairs
a view of a swimming pool with a table and chairs
a view of a house with swimming pool and sitting area
a view of outdoor space yard and porch
a view of a lake with sitting area
a view of a swimming pool with a patio and a garden
a view of a lake with couches chairs and a table
a view of porch with a sink and glass windows
a bedroom with bed and a large window
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a view of a building
a living room with furniture a wooden floor and next to a window
a view of a room with wooden floor and window
a view of a kitchen with wooden floor
a living room with furniture and a table
a view of a room with wooden floor and a window
a bedroom with a bed and a window
a view of an empty room with wooden floor and a window
a view of walk in closet with empty racks
a bathroom with a sink a toilet and shower
a kitchen with a sink a refrigerator and cabinets
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances a refrigerator a sink a stove top oven a refrigerator and dishwasher
a bathroom with a sink a toilet and shower
a workspace with furniture wooden floor and a flat screen tv
a living room with couches and a flat screen tv
a view of a room with gym equipment
a view of a patio with a table and chairs
a view of a chairs and table in patio
a swimming pool with outdoor seating and a palm tree
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a view of a building with a cars park side of a road
a living room with furniture and a wooden floor
a living room with furniture a flat screen tv and a dining table
a living room with furniture and a window
a living room with furniture and a flat screen tv
a view of an empty room and window
a bedroom with a bed and a painting on the wall
a kitchen with a stove and a microwave
a bathroom with a shower a toilet and a sink
an empty room with windows
a view of a balcony with furniture
a view of a balcony
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