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* 2021 - Jennifer Monroe - Voted Top 5 Real Estate Agent in "Charlotte's Best"
* 2021 - CØMPASS - Bronze Award
* 2022 - CØMPASS - Silver Award (Annual Production $20-34M+)


Real Estate + Design
About Indigo Home

Compass agents Jennifer Monroe and Noah Spencer joined forces to create the Indigo Home team. Indigo Home will use years of combined sales and design experience to provide buyers, sellers, and builder clients with unparalleled buying/selling guidance and aesthetic advice.

“We tap into the emotional aspects of choosing a place to put down roots,” said Jennifer. “Whether this starts with designing the architectural drawing for a builder, finishing out custom homes, or assisting our sellers in prepping/upgrading their home to achieve the best sale price possible, we are there is every project from start to finish."

“People are at the core of everything that we do,” Noah said. “We created Indigo Home to offer more support, guidance and creativity to the Charlotte community than we could ever offer individually. As Indigo Home evolves, we will also grow the levels of service that we provide to our clients, investors, and builders based on trends of the Charlotte market and our creative visions.”

Jennifer, known for her background in residential home construction, will focus on architectural design aspects, including renovation and redesigns, in addition to helping her buyer and seller clients. Noah, known as a natural connector, will use his personality and razor-sharp focus to find his clients the perfect home. As a team, they work in tandem and together are a part of evert projects and transactions.

M I S S I O N  S T A T E M E N T

Not one home lives, breathes and functions alike. We take a refreshingly honest approach to buying and selling residential homes in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Indigo Home exists to impact the world in a positive way by crafting innovative and purposeful homes through a tried-and-true holistic experience.

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Jennifer Monroe: 704.307.3369 
Noah Spencer: 704.524.4549

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