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Irene Cook

Managing Director
About Irene
Following a successful career as a Team Principal for Compass and an executive in the restaurant industry, Irene Cook is well-equipped to lead the Cape Cod market. She has honed her skills in leadership, strategic planning, and operations management, all of which are invaluable assets as a Managing Director.

Irene's transition from the restaurant industry to real estate reflects her ability to adapt to diverse markets and her passion for creating exceptional experiences. Her keen eye for recognizing the potential in properties has been evident in the successful conversion of several homes into stunning showcases on Cape Cod, showcasing her ability to identify and leverage the unique charm of the area.

Irene's love for Cape Cod is evident in her deep connections to the area, her hobbies, and her understanding of the local lifestyle. You can find her golfing, boating, tending the family lobster traps and spending time with her grandchildren when she isn't working with the local teams and agents. 

In addition to her authentic connection to Cape Cod, Irene's blend of authenticity, business acumen, facilitation, and negotiation skills position her as an invaluable leader in the real estate market. Her ability to combine these qualities with a genuine passion for real estate ensures that she brings a unique and compelling value proposition to the Cape Cod team.