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Irina Luck is an exceptional realtor who truly exceeded my expectations both as a buyer and a seller. Her expertise in the real estate market is evident, and she effortlessly navigated the complexities of both processes. When it came to selling my house, Irina's attention to detail was remarkable. She brought in fantastic stagers who transformed my property into a stunning showcase, attracting numerous potential buyers. Throughout the selling journey, Irina made sure I got the best deal possible, skillfully negotiating on my behalf and keeping me informed every step of the way. On the buying side, Irina's knowledge was truly impressive. She knew exactly what questions to ask and what details to seek out during property viewings. I didn't need to ask her anything twice, as she anticipated my needs and preferences effortlessly. Her understanding of the market allowed her to find homes that perfectly matched my criteria. I was particularly impressed with Irina's versatility in dealing with both new construction and pre-owned properties. Her experience in both areas shone through, and she guided me through the specific challenges of each scenario with ease. Even after the deals were closed, Irina's dedication and support did not waver. She continued to be available to answer any questions I had and provided valuable advice on various homeownership matters. I cannot speak highly enough of Irina Luck's expertise, professionalism, and dedication. If you're looking for a realtor who excels at buying and selling homes, knows all the right questions to ask, and goes above and beyond for her clients, Irina is the one you can trust. She has certainly earned my highest recommendation. – Liana H,

Irina Luck has been my real estate agent exclusively for almost 4 years. During this time, she has successfully negotiated and closed multiple home purchases and sales for me - each with outcomes I've been *extremely* happy with. Irina has a thorough understanding of the local markets, active trends, and upcoming technologies. She is very delightful to work with, a phenomenal communicator, and well respected in the field. I've referred Irina to multiple of my closest friends and colleagues, each she has given the same level of service and success as I have received over the years. I wholeheartedly trust Irina with all my real estate decisions and strongly recommend others to consider her as well.. – John A.

Irina rocks! She helped us navigate a very tricky purchase of our dream home in the Berkeley Hills recently, while also managing all the details to sell our house in San Francisco in record time and for an amazing price. (We set a record for price/ft^2 in our neighborhood.) Irina is an excellent communicator, provides frequent updates on status, and can juggle a hundred details/issues at a time. I was amazed by her attention to detail, never letting anything fall between the cracks. Her vast experience and excellent instincts, plus her proactive & energetic personality helped push the process along quickly. At the same time, she was always patient with my numerous questions & concerns, and I never felt rushed or pressured. She provided good summaries of the options & pros/cons of various strategies throughout the whole process. I can't recommend Irina enough -- she's the realtor you want on your team! – Kenn L.

Irina deserves all the stars in the Yelp sky for all the work she has done on our behalf. She helped us purchase a TIC unit when we moved to SF 4 years ago, and last year, when we needed a quick sale, she miraculously managed to sign a buyer to purchase at our goal price with no contingencies within a couple of weeks! She was able to get us a 37% profit without even putting us through the hassle of listing the place! In the past four years, Irina has helped us purchase three properties and sell one. When we first became serious about buying our first home, we were very cautious and wanted to make we covered all our bases. Irina was very understanding and worked with us to make sure that we were getting all the information we needed. When our questions fell outside her realm of expertise, she drew on her vast network of industry experts who were extremely responsive and helpful in answering our very specific questions about construction, inspections, mortgages, and so much more. We sent her lists of details and thoughts about each of at least 60 homes that we visited, and she patiently continued to update our preferences and send along appropriate listings until we found a home we were comfortable purchasing. She visited many homes with us and patiently made multiple visits to homes when we were making offers. Irina's knowledge, tireless and immediate responsiveness, and ability to manage thousands of details kept us at ease during the stress of purchasing real estate in the Bay Area. We are so grateful to have Irina in our lives! Thank you, Irina!! – E.S.

I've bought houses before, and never thought realtors brought much value to the purchase process until I met Irina. My husband and I were originally working with a different realtor, and had gotten disheartened by the houses available in San Francisco. Irina isn't the type of realtor who's just looking to make a commission; she genuinely cares about helping you find a home you'll be happy living in. The house she found us isn't one that I would have looked at on my own. It was absolutely the right house for us, and met our requirements for having a yard, easy travel to work and amazing neighborhood. I can't recommend Irina enough!! All our friends we've referred to her have loved her, too! – M.B.

You are quite simply in the best hands if you choose Irina as your agent. She has been committed, extremely attentive and compassionate when working with my wife and me, and is the best at what she does. Irina has a sixth sense for the market and works magic for her clients. We've been fortunate to have been able to work with her for the past few years in San Francisco. – Jc J,

The easiest 5 star review I have given on yelp ever! Irina was recommended very highly to us by a friend. She had helped them buy a great place in San Francisco and since we were interested in similar areas and price range, we reached out to her about helping my wife and I to buy a house in SF too. As immigrants and first time home buyers we were very apprehensive about diving into such a crazy home market. But how can I put it, Irina was ON TOP OF IT. She gave us a 101 of the process the first time we spoke and cleared any and all confusions we had. She also then sent us a series of questions to think over and get back to her. This included price ranges, locations, home size, house feature requests etc. The whole thing was very well thought out and planned. Then came the big challenge for us. Looking at houses during a pandemic! In regular times, there are open houses and you just drop in with your agent and have a look at the houses. But during the pandemic you need to book appointments and sign waivers for each and every house before you see them. Irina was an absolute champ and got us in to see every house we were interested in and some more. Irina was extremely patient and we never felt pressured to make any moves. She was completely objective and often dissuaded us from going for properties for a variety of reasons. She guided us through the process as our understanding increased and preferences evolved. We saw many houses over a period of few months till we felt comfortable to make offers. When it came to offer time, Irina was again completely calm and composed. She helped get it all through and soon enough we had our own piece of San Francisco, the city we love so much! Thank you so much Irina! :) – Anand V.

Being first-time home buyers, this was such a big step in our lives. And needless to say, we were very overwhelmed. Working with Irina turned out to be such an excellent decision for us. She is professional, empathetic, and gets the job done. Irina never made us feel uncomfortable or rushed and helped us patiently every step of the way. The best thing about her is that she finds time to explain everything in a way that is easy to understand. She has a ton of real estate experience and helped us lock a place we liked. Highly recommend working with her! – Rahul S.

Easily 5 Star - Irina was great at helping me choose where to purchase my home. She's always open to talk and constantly brought up things that I hadn't thought about while we were looking at places together. – Nick K.

' ★★★★★
My husband and I worked with Irina to purchase our home in the Bay Area toward the end of last year. She was amazing throughout every step in the process, but a two things really stood out as we worked with her. First, Irina knows her stuff. She is an expert in the Bay Area market, which has a fair amount of complexity and nuance. Not only did she educate us on all the things we needed to know, but her knowledge saved us time and money as we searched for, found, and purchased our home. Second, Irina takes care of her people. She went above and beyond to make sure that buying a home worked for our needs and that our interest were met. She is incredibly detail oriented and kept us on track through a process with loads of steps. Irina also always made time for us and our questions, which dramatically reduced any stress that came with buying a home. We are so glad that we worked with her, as she helped us find and purchase a home that we love! I strongly recommend Irina as an agent for folks looking to buy in the Bay Area. Should the need arise, we will be working with her again, no questions asked.. – Kelly S.

We were first time buyers and Irina took great care in helping us find a home that met our requirements, never missed a detail, and took the time to explain everything along the way. Her expertise of the San Francisco neighborhoods and her knowledge on the intricacies that are very unique to the San Francisco real estate market were very helpful during our bidding process. We are very glad we worked with Irina. – Ram P.

Where to start! As a first time home buyer in the midst of a pandemic I couldn't be more grateful that Irina was my agent. She was referred to me by a good friend who happens to be a top real estate agent in San Francisco as someone who'd be great for me as I was looking for my first home in the Peninsula and ohh boy she was right! From our very first conversation, she was professional, diligent and responsive to all my newbie and not so newbie questions. We were on a mission! I think we probably saw more than 50 properties together all around the peninsula and under rigorous covid protocols. At the end of each one of our tours she would listen to my feedback, make me aware of the hidden "gotchas" of some properties and help narrow the search and hone in into what ended up being the home that resembled exactly what I was looking for. Her eye for potential when others were not looking and due diligence with the seller agent, got me the perfect home, in a prime location, with a backyard to die for, at real market value. Her due diligence even included interviewing every one of my potential lenders to understand their closing process and made sure we wouldn't hit any surprises along the way. Once I found the property I wanted, closing was straight forward. She stayed on top of every detail and kept me apprised on everything. Even calling the banker and coordinating with the title company from her well deserved vacation to ensure no last minute glitch that came up would jeopardize our 3 weeks closing. Our first meeting was late August, right before labor day weekend. I got the keys to my new home on October 20th. Irina is the best and I will definitely work with her in the future if the opportunity arises. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better partner and a new friend. – Sabrina R.

This review is long overdue... Irina helped us with two successful purchases so far, our first condo in San Francisco in the Mission and our current house purchase an Eichler in Walnut Creek. This last purchase was something that I'd call any home buyers nightmare. Bank messed up our paperwork, difficult mortgage broker, issues with the house during inspections, very difficult seller agent and sellers. Irina helped us with everything, handled everything this such professionalism, expertise and grace at the same time. She is fantastic. Thanks to her we negotiated a line of items in our sales agreement, and despite all the challenges we were able to acquire our dream home. Agents are not all the same, you need someone with experience to guide you and use their instincts to help make the right decision(s) at the right time. Irina certainly does this with confidence. Irina handled all the critical situations (there were many) and diligently got our purchase process over the goal line. We've been here 9 months and we're thankful we had the pleasure of having Irina make this happen in a big way. – Daniel S.

Irina is a superb realtor who cares about her clients a great deal! She is very knowledgeable about this business but more importantly she takes her time with clients and handles their business as if it’s hers. She’s an expert on many areas in SF and Peninsula, but my husband and I know her specifically from Potrero Hill in San Francisco where we own a condo. She’s helped us and our friends sell and buy. Irina is well respected by the agent community which means a lot when it comes time for agents to make deals with one another. She is direct, honest, and will give you the advice you need to maximize your sale. We are grateful that we had a chance to work with Irina, and highly recommend her if you need an astute, no BS, hyper professional agent who understands the art of the deal and the ever-evolving Bay Area market. – Lana O.

Irina is an absolute superstar ⭐ She worked with me and my parents (who were overseas for the buying process) to purchase an apartment in San Francisco a few years ago. She has since also helped us countless times with different matters - finding renters, lawyers for some legal questions, home warranty, and other property management concerns. She has a broad network of trusted professionals for every home need, so she has your back not just with the buying process but beyond, too. She has been both an agent and a good friend to me and my family, and I have and will continue recommending Irina to my family and friends. – Sona A.

Working with Irina was wonderful. She was incredibly helpful in helping us understand the market so we could hone in on houses that would be perfect for us at a price that worked. She pointed out several things in houses we thought we liked that we did not notice that helped us make the right decision on what to put offers in on. It took a few tries but Irena guided us through every step of the process and was always available to help. We couldn't be happier having worked with her and can't recommend her enough! – Jake S.

We worked with Irina on 3 transactions so far - all fantastic experience. She knows how to sell a home, period. Her knowledge of the SF / Bay Area real estate market, and suggestions on how to prepare our condo for sale, were both valuable and a time saver. We accessed Irina’s network of service providers and followed her recommendations. The result was multiple offers. She also helped us buy our dream home, an Eichler. Irina is a pleasure to work with and she is an absolute professional. – Emese V.S.

Irina Luck has been my real estate agent exclusively for almost 6 years. During this time, she has successfully negotiated and closed multiple home purchases and sales for me - each with outcomes I've been *extremely* happy with. Irina has a thorough understanding of the local markets, active trends, and upcoming technologies. She is very delightful to work with, a phenomenal communicator, and well respected in the field. I've referred Irina to multiple of my closest friends and colleagues, each she has given the same level of service and success as I have received over the years. I wholeheartedly trust Irina with all my real estate decisions and strongly recommend others to consider her as well – John A.

Irina and her team were recommended by a friend. We had a condo to sell in SF and wanted to exchange it for a rental property on the Peninsula. Irina listed our condo during a very tricky market, just after the lockdown. Taking care of all of the details, prepping and staging it while we were in Southern California. The whole process was very smooth. They managed to sell it for us very quickly, for a number that we were not even hoping for. Irina was also very knowledgeable and resourceful when we had to identify properties for our 1031 exchange. She helped us find an off-market single family home in San Mateo very quickly. We had a very positive experience and heartily recommend Irina! – Simon C.

As first-time homebuyers in San Francisco, navigating such a competitive environment was overwhelming, until we had the luck of running into Irina at an open house! Irina was exceptionally thoughtful and communicative throughout the buying process - without a doubt we will be reaching out to her for future real estate needs. She provided a clear overview of the current real estate market, buying process, and insight on how to close a deal quickly. In addition, during escrow, she personally oversaw the final property touchups - she even rolled up her sleeves to clear out the gutter! Would highly recommend her to any prospective buyers and sellers. – Yanni S.

This is our second time working with Irina and like the last time, we couldn't be happier with our decision. House hunting through the pandemic is so challenging to begin with, but Irina is a true trooper and patiently worked with us to look at homes all over the bay. Her guidance was always objective and she made sure we did not get swayed away by emotions and stuck to our core requirements. Once it gets to actual writing of the offer, she is extremely resourceful in getting background information and will make sure the overall team delivers a winning offer on time! (Insider tip: My MIL approves of her as Irina makes her Vastu related requirements a priority) – Ankit A.

Irina is a rockstar! This is the second time we have had the pleasure of working with Irina and her outstanding team. First time 5 years ago as the Buyer and most recently as the Seller. Both times, Irina was amazingly professional and used her vast experience to help present our home in the best light and secured an offer way above what we hoped for. She’s very professional and seems to have a special magic touch. We wouldn’t work with anybody else! – Ekaterina A.

Irina and Mark added significant value in closing the transaction under heavy time pressure. Irina knows the neighborhood and needs of the buyers well and this helped position the property properly and attract over 150 visitors. Mark also helped attract many investors before and after the official listing. I recommend both for any property sale without doubt. – Tuncay C.

Irina Luck is a consummate professional and a wonderful person to work with. She sold our 3 unit building in Potrero Hill in record time for a record amount. The marketing was outstanding, social media coverage was top notch and we were in contract after multiple offers in just 10 days. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her knowledge of the market is thorough. She ran our sale with an iron hand in a velvet glove and we couldn't be happier with an outcome. – Erin B.

Irina did an excellent job listing, promoting and selling our property, hence the five-star review. She took time to explain, offered helpful suggestions, connected us with a good contractor and closed the deal promptly. – Craig M.

Worked with Irina to get our new place. Fantastic realtor and a very warm person as well. Highly recommend :-) – Nikhil S.


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BA University of California, Berkeley
About Irina
Irina is a stellar performer in the fast-paced real estate market of San Francisco Bay Area. Having lived in the Bay Area since 2000, she is fluent in the different locales it has to offer, and is committed to helping buyers acquire the home that will make them satisfied beyond their expectations, in the area that will suit their particular needs. For the seller, her specialty is to create a superior experience. Lock the door, leave the keys; Irina handles the rest. When the agreements are finalized you will have witnessed how a real pro handles your business. The strong relationship she builds with both sides leads to crystal-clear communications and confidence in the selling process.

Irina is a UC Berkeley product. Berkeley taught her to love research, and a sensitivity to nuance that comes through in her showings—she leaves nothing to chance. Every listing she represents gets her special treatment; she knows how to answer all the buyer’s practical issues while leaving room for the imagination.

After joining Compass, Irina has become an expert at leveraging the many strengths of the team. As the recognized innovation leader in real estate, Compass supports every listing with smart marketing strategies that are not about quantity, but quality. With more buyers who can truly appreciate the special qualities of a property, Irina can concentrate on maximizing value for both parties.

Irina does not “sell” or “buy.” She gives you 100% of her attention, and takes pride in negotiating on your behalf in a way that brings value to all involved. She helps bring parties together for a mutually beneficial exchange, ensuring that buyers know they have the home of their dreams, and bring confidence to sellers that they are receiving the value they expect.

Both pre- and post sale, Irina goes the extra mile. With her deep understanding of the concerns of both parties, she negotiates with authority, achieving the highest possible price by making sure that all the benefits of the property are fully understood.

Irina does not take “no” for an answer. Quite irresistible in her own way, she helps bring down the barriers that often exist in the real estate market, to bring people together in a way that benefits all, on the points that truly matter to each. She has a deep understanding of the concerns of both parties in the real estate market, and will bring her know-how, tenacity, and integrity to bear to give the parties involved the very best outcome.

Expect Irina to be a person that is enthusiastic, accountable, and focused on your bottom line. She will manage your business better than you thought possible.

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