Iris Zhen

Iris Zhen

Licensed as Xin Zhen | Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker


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Client Testimonials

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"Iris helped me buy my first condo in NYC. She's very pleasant, patient, attentive, resourceful and capable. She looked after her client's interest and needs. It took me less than two months to close the deal. Her recommendation of the real estate attorney and mortgage office are all very qualified. I recommended both of them to my colleague. After the deal's closed, Iris kept in contact with me to make sure everything worked out smoothly. I highly recommend Iris and I look forward to working with her more in the future. " - Shana L.

"Dear Iris,

Thank you so much for making our first home a reality. It is not often that Katherine and I praise people for their competency. However, in your case, we could not have wished for a better person to represent our interests. Since the day we met, you have been tremendously patient, careful, diligent, resourceful, and fair — our highest respect towards your professionalism.

Please let us know how we can best recommend you both privately and publically; we will be more than happy to do so. Know that you have two advocates in your corner, sending you lots of success!

Thank you once again, and looking forward to celebrating our new home with family and friends as such, you are always welcome in our new home.

Warm Regards,

" - Joshua & Katherine V.

"Iris helped me to find great apartment since I moved to NYC. I am very impressed that she truly understands my expectation and pays much attention on the details of my preferences with a well-organized workflow. She is an efficient, professional real estate agent with passion and empathy. She is able to bring you something that priors to your expectation." - Gwendolyn Z.

About Iris
Competent. Cooperative. Passionate. Patient. Caring. Attentive. Trustworthy. Just a few words Iris’s clients have used to describe her service over the years. Iris Zhen is a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker serving the Greater New York City Area. She has committed her life and career to the NY real estate industry, a road she’s been walking since 2014.

After gracing the likes of MTV, Diesel USA, Motherlines Inc., and Metropolitan Property Group with her professional presence, Iris branched out to launch her own real estate empire. Today, she is dedicated to helping international property shoppers find a house to call home in NYC. From first-time homebuyers to experienced investors, Iris knows what it takes to cut through common real estate hurdles like cultural differences, language barriers, and cumbersome paperwork.

Throughout her years of experience, Iris has worked with a long list of international renters, homebuyers, serious investors, and foreign diplomats to find their dream homes or expand their portfolios. This tri-lingual real estate connoisseur is ruthless on the road to prosperity on behalf of her clients, moving mountains and pulling strings to make things happen.

Iris sees herself as more than a “real estate agent.” She is an industry consultant and true friend obsessed with connecting dots and bridging gaps to save her clients time, money, and sanity. Iris cuts costs, not corners, while building lifelong friendships and alliances.

For Iris, the transaction itself is just the beginning. She strives to remain a pillar of strength and support well beyond closing.

“个人简介:我是甄欣,毕业于纽约佩斯(Pace)大学市场营销系,纽约地产协会会员,纽约COMPASS地产公司明星经纪人。在纽约学习和生活了超过13年,对纽约房地产市场有着深刻的了解,善于洞察客户需求,帮助客户精准把握投资方向。 擅长领域:在纽约房地产投资、房产出租、专精新楼盘和豪宅买卖等房产领域,拥有多年实战经验,尤其擅长以房养学投资业务。 客户群体:30%自住+20%投资购房+50%以房养学 成功案例:凭借着敏锐的视角以及扎实的市场营销专业理论,以出色的服务获得客户的一致赞誉,曾帮助中国留学生购置曼哈顿学区房节省留学成本近10万美金。 对于美国房地产经纪的见解:根据以往接触的案例分析,国内投资者较难接触到美国更新的房源,且对房产经纪人信任感偏低,导致很多国内投资者不能买到价钱及投资回报率理想的房子。与中国不同的是,美国对于房地产经纪的监管非常严格,美国地产经纪人需要经过严苛的考试才能拿到执业资格证,且必须对本区域的房产市场有着透彻的了解。不管是购房自住,抑或投资方向,我都能够为您提供目标地区教育、人口、社区、安全等全方位的详实信息,帮助您规避税收、法律方面的潜在风险。期望为您提供精准的投资决策,一起实现双赢!”

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