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About Jade
Jade strives to bring both personal touch and professionalism to each client she works with. Passionate and extremely diligent, Jade always goes above and beyond for you. She works closely with clients, keeping their best interests at mind while providing constant communication and careful guidance through the process of selling or buying a home. She has extensive knowledge of the Bay Area and has the first-hand experience with the housing market and its fluctuations.

Jade is also a multilingual agent; she is proficient in both Mandarin and English. She can link the perspectives of both international and domestic clients, providing a valuable, integrated outlook.

Jade believes houses are a living work of art that is often the root of our lives. They are a complex blend of careful architecture, artful structure, and also a shelter that is most precious to us,

knowing this from personal experience, Jade will be there every step of the way; her dedication to protecting your goals and strong negotiating skills are a valuable asset to closing deals in your favor.