About Jaisa
Born in San Diego, I grew up on horseback and graduated pre-law from UCSD. I chose real estate as my career because I value people, the art of negotiations, and am inspired by the romantic aesthetics found in historic homes and the union of form, function and nature realized through modern architecture. I am passionate about music, classical literature and the arts and have been a real estate broker for 15 years.

I have owned several homes of my own, and have been recognized for creatively remodeling these homes with architectural and repurposed materials. Having brokered a significant number of homes, iconic historic and architectural estates, large land conservation deals, ranches, commercial and investment properties, I believe that creative marketing, tenacity and positive interpersonal relationships are critical to success. I believe that our home is the nexus from which we draw incredible strength, it is the cradle of our hopes and dreams, it is our sanctuary. When I help connect my clients with the home that is best suited for them, I feel I have made a difference in their lives and the lives of their family. The ideal space is the space that inspires, that recharges, that compels, the space you want to share and never want to leave.