About Jane
Jane has a special knack gaining the trust of clients based on her strong sense of integrity, profound communication skills and astute negotiation abilities. Due to her extensive hospitality experience and her gift understanding her client’s needs, Jane readily establishes warm rapport, inspires confidence and consistently generates positive results.

Jane began her career nearly a decade ago after graduating from college. Her drive and ambition was already apparent when she completed school in three years with a Bachelor’s degree in Food and Beverage from Kendall College at the Les Roches School of Hospitality Management program, a top-ranking hospitality and tourism management school. Soon after, Jane rapidly progressed from working in management at upscale restaurants, to being the Concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago. Prior to joining the Busby Group, she also served as Client Relations Manager at one of the uppermost real estate firms in the nation. While there, Jane applied her ambition, skill and dedication towards helping her team reach a record 175 million dollars in sales. Her extensive hospitality background, coupled with her advanced communication skills have been a driving force behind her continued growth within the real estate arena.

Today, Jane enjoys sharing her expertise as Director of Operations for the Busby Group where she focuses her business insight on maintaining and expanding on client relationships. Her array of references demonstrate her skill for handling multifaceted projects, which include negotiating complex contracts, identifying opportunities to increase sales and building relationships with key clients. As a trusted Client Relations Manager, Jane always has her eyes on the future making sure to support her clients in building a brighter tomorrow.