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About Jennifer Ley and Partners
If you’re a SELLER, you’ve heard the stories: properties are selling so fast and so high over their asking price, why do YOU need a realtor? Won’t your home just sell itself? And why aren’t people just pricing their homes where they want them to sell? What is all THAT about?

There’s a special set of superpowers that come into play when managing the sale of a home in any market, but even more so when buyer’s expectations and emotions run as hot as they are right now. Getting your home ready and what that means as far as making choices that maximize your profit, whether staging choices or cost effective updates or repairs, then managing showings, open houses and the resultant offer process are skills. Helping sellers analyze bids to choose the best takes experience. And being able to make market-smart suggestions if bids don’t materialize so as to strategize on next steps can be equally important in what has been a very demanding seller's market.

Meet Jennifer Ley - Jen Jen

When you meet someone who has tenaciously held purchase after purchase, sale after sale together, through boom markets and bad, whose clients constantly recommend her to their family and friends, and who will care about your home and protect your equity like it’s her own, you know you’ve met someone whose real life experience isn’t offered up as bragging rights, but because it will be a huge benefit to you. Jennifer helps her sellers analyze and fix problems to create opportunities, so they can intelligently make important decisions that impact their bottom line. Her buyers have gone on to sell and buy new homes, have held onto some as investments. She’s helped them manage it all.

What if you’re a buyer? You’ve heard the stories: multiple bids on almost every house, homes selling in just one weekend, contract prices 10 and 20% over asking price.
How do you, as a BUYER, compete? You need an agent with another set of Montclair Market superpowers:

Experience helping buyers write offers that win in multiple bids.

Knowledge of home prices and sales trends over time.

No nonsense advice for making your offer stand out.

You also need a realtor dedicated to your search, because in a hyper-competitive market, you don’t just need to find a home you love, you need to win the bid. And come that happy day when you learn your offer has been accepted, you’ll need a detailed game plan to get you through inspections, the property appraisal, and everything else that leads up to the day you have the keys in your hand.

Meet Sasha Tsyrlin

Sasha has 30+ years of experience taking very exacting film directors to locations where they can translate the story in their heads onto the screen. He has had to be a careful, diligent listener. Patient. Creative. These skills make his new career choice as a realtor perfect fit. And given the number of homes he’s seen and shot in over the years, Sasha knows Montclair and our surrounding towns like the back of his hand.

Our “Why”

Friends from our days in NYC, Jen and Sasha stayed in touch once they moved out of the city to NJ. Both are closely involved with their neighborhoods. Their instagram: jen.and.sasha.compass will show you a taste of the small businesses and local finds that make our part of NJ special. The best thing about Montclair (and this includes the towns near it as well) is the community of people who live here, and how they shape our day-to-day world. Jen and Sasha look forward to how you will come to shape our communities in the years ahead.

Because we live here, we know just how much our buyers need to learn when purchasing a home in an area where 90% of the properties are 80 to 100+ years old. An experienced realtor who lives in and has maintained a similar home can share things from their life experience that can truly make a difference for your home purchase or sale.

When you work with us, we are with you through it all, right up to and AFTER your closing day. Before the pandemic, Jennifer held a holiday party for her clients every year. They became her extended family. She and Sasha are looking forward to the time we can throw our first party as a team and bring our circle of friends, old and new, together to celebrate everything we love about Montclair.

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