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Jennifer Emich

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About Jennifer
Beyond the four walls of a home is a need for comfort, laughter, stability, creativity and so many nuances that go undetected. It is the place where we find comfort, a place where we grow wiser, a place we foster the most intimate parts of our lives.

For Jennifer, most simply put, the home has been a long love affair.

Born in New Jersey alongside her triplet sisters, the bones of their Italian home settled roots that would blossom around her favorite pieces of the home: family, cherished friends, good food, and of course, wine. From scratch, Jennifer nurtured a love of cooking, local farming, colorful and creative restaurants that have been an integral part of the Boulder community since 1999.

To no surprise, when her curiosity pivoted to expand that hospitality outside of the restaurants she’d so thoughtfully cultivated, it was only natural she found ways to embody her own passion for people, taking an ability to anticipate the needs and desires of those around her on the road. With three generations of women in the family successfully nurturing their own real estate careers, the most essential characteristics of the home is in her bloodline.

Jennifer takes buying and selling home experience to a new level. Whether you are buying your first home, your dream home, an investment, or selling a home, she understands how to create an incredible client experience. Her goal - to ensure the home becomes a long love affair for all of her clients.

When not practicing real estate you can find Jennifer surrounded by family, her husband Eric, and their cat Willow. She enjoys pickleball, golf, hiking, being with friends, and anything in nature.