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Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent

Languages: English, Mandarin

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"Jerry is an amazing realtor who has a lot of deep knowledge and insight at the real estate. He was able to help me not only get the dream home I wanted at the right timing, but also make a bargain with the seller even at such a hot seller market these days. Highly recommend him!" - Yuyang

"Jerry is very professional and knowledgeable. He shared a lot of insights with us and got us access to some very nice off-market houses. With his help, we bought our dream house which was a great deal. Highly recommended!" - Jing

"It was such a great experience working with Jerry! We moved from FL to CA about one year ago, and we actually started house hunt without much knowledge about the real estate market here. Jerry understood our expectations, and helped us narrowed down our searching scope, and provided his suggestion based on vast amount of knowledge and experience and his keen sensitivity towards the economy. During the offer stage, we actually prepared to offer more, but Jerry used very tactical skills to help us get the house at a lower price than what we expected. And after we got our offer accepted, there was some accident with our loan application, so he actively worked the listing agent to extend our closing date and with multiple loan originators to get our loan approved. I don't think we can get our house without Jerry's help, he's really that kind of realtors who cares about his customers as a friend." - Yijin

"Jerry is the BEST! He is not only knowledgeable, but also super responsive! Jerry helped us get the new houses , as well as refinance our loans for the old town house! All by him personally, take good care of us, from beginning to the end! Can’t say enough Thanks to Jerry! Someone you can trust wholeheartedly!!" - Nix

"It's been a great pleasure working with Jerry. I cannot thank him enough because I was able to secure a Santa Clara property that could otherwise easily cost me $150k- $200k more if I didn't go with Jerry. Jerry is very unique in that he not only has a deep understanding of all the zip codes in the bay area (sometimes even down to street level), but also has a solid understanding of how the macro economic environment is going to impact the local market. This combination of micro and macro market knowledge is especially important for investors who need to time the market and capture the best investment opportunities. For first-time home buyers, you would appreciate his sharp sense of the local market - he is able to predict competition very precisely, which can best prepare you to win against competition. In terms of working style, Jerry is very on top of things, very responsive and tailor recommendations based on my needs. This is especially important in a red hot market like Bay Area where opportunities might disappear within a few hours. I worked with other agents who might have more clients but they just don't have time and attention for you. Because of his dedication to clients, Jerry was able to show the house to me almost 24/7 on demand. Due to my busy schedule, I often times need to see a property late in the evenings/within 1 hour - he's always there on time. Immediately after seeing the house, he helped me to analyze neighborhood, lot, floor plan, orientation, potential repair costs, comparables, and helped me to strategize how to approach each deal. His timeliness and the accurate prediction of each deal's competition ultimately helped me to secure my property at a very good price! Last but not least, Jerry was super helpful in the closing process after we got into contract. He has mortgage/property financing business himself and is very connected with all the major banks. After speaking to many banks on my own, I couldn't find a bank that could guarantee closing for me. Within a few minutes, he connected me to an awesome banker who made the closing process very smooth. " - Chen

About Jerry
I was an entrepreneur when I came to the Bay Area 15 years ago. I founded an import and distribution company in Sunnyvale and just like a lot of immigrants, I had a big dream to achieve a remarkable goal. After many years trying I realized I have to master macroeconomic knowledge to prevail the investment.

Real estate is one of the most stable and profitable vehicles to use. I would like to share my knowledge and help my clients to achieve their goals. You deserve a greater duty of care!

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