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Client Testimonials

"Jess is a phenomenal agent! Her ability to understand what kind of property I was looking for helped me find my first rental investment property. Even in a Seattle market which is hot, her ability to negotiate landed me an offer I would gladly take. Her network of contractors coupled with her savvy financial knowledge made her the perfect agent for me. I highly highly recommend Jess as your real estate agent ." - Satyajit

About Jess

Jess is a civil engineer turned investor turned real estate agent. She is an evangelist for real estate investing and knows from personal experience the kind of financial freedom and independence it has provided her and her family. Jess loves analyzing numbers and will work to get the best deal possible for you. 

After graduating from UW, Jess quickly got sticker shock while looking at apartments – why does a nice apartment in a decent Seattle neighborhood cost so much in rent? Her college friends were all having the same problem, so an idea came to her; why not buy a big house and rent the extra rooms to them? Although she didn’t know it at the time, that purchase would be the first of many, and she would go on to “HouseHack” and rent the extra space in her home many times, using the strategy to acquire 9 rentals and over a million dollars in equity by the time she was 30.

A lot has changed since her first home purchase at 21 years old, but Jess’s dislike for paying rent has stayed the same. She and her husband Michael have lived for free by “HouseHacking” 4 times across Seattle, and even built and lived in a Tiny House on Wheels to avoid paying rent for a short 18 month stint living in California. Jess truly believes real estate investing is a sure fire way to financial freedom and independence, and wants to help others get there themselves.

When she is not buying & selling houses for herself & her clients, Jess loves cooking, reading, and working out on the peloton.