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Jing Team | 境界置业



Investment and management 物业投资及管理
Luxury condos in Boston 高级公寓
Properties within good school areas 学区房

English, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, etc.


Seller Representative Specialist, Accredited Staging Professional

Deal Highlights

Multifamily purchase in central Cambridge (2015), negotiated price from $1,000,000 to $920,000, of which itself generates $250,000+ in rental income annually.

Duplex condo purchased in Back Bay, negotiated the price from $3.35m to $2.92m.

Multifamily off-market sale sold in one week, closed in one month, at $1.47m.

Highest volume month: 8 offers accepted in one month, total volume of $10+m.

Shortest offer to listing: 1 day

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About Jing Team | 境界置业
Our team brings over 15 years of combined real estate experience in the Greater Boston area, and we're expanding. Representing buyers and sellers from wide-ranging backgrounds, we pride ourselves in our ability to relate closely with our clientele and understanding their interests. Having settled in Boston from abroad, we understand the challenges associated with assimilating in a new place and making the right investments for one’s family and future. Collectively, we speak 6 languages and often work with clients internationally.

This is why we work tirelessly to address clients' needs, often transcending traditional real estate discussions. We offer comprehensive services for property management and education, or development consulting. Topics such as the economy, interest rates, education, city life, investment opportunities, property management, and estate planning are all covered in depth while working with the Jing team. Our team is here to serve our clients' needs -- we are not limited to just transactional real estate services.

In addition to direct sales, our team manages an admirable rental property portfolio and consistently ranks among the top teams in our marketplace. Whether your goal is to be educated on the market, or you're concerned with the speed of execution or return on investment, the value of working with the Jing Team remains unmatched. Contact us today and experience professional and personalized service which will enable you to achieve your goals. Experience how we go above and beyond in real estate.

境界置业团队在波士顿地区拥有超过15年的房地产投资及从业经验。我们会说7种语言(中文、英文、 日文、闽南话、广东话、德语、意大利语) ,服务来自于世界各地的客户, 团队专精于中高端公寓、学区房、投资房的交易,跻身大波士顿地区顶级团队之列

作为曾经的留学生以及新移民,我们了解融入美国社会所面临的挑战,为了让客户能够享受无忧的生活, 我们提供超越房产经纪范畴的全案服务, 照顾客户在房产、教育、物业管理、投资等方面的需求。并且提供免息房产修缮款,免息桥梁贷款等服务以解决您的后顾之忧。

我们的优质服务并不在房产交易结束时停止,我们还提供高质量的物业管理服务,从而确保我们的客户获得无忧的投资回报并将房屋维护于最佳状态。我们的信条是“超越平凡”, 无论您的目标是了解房产市场趋势,寻找梦想中的家园,还是追求高投资回报率,我们专业和个性化的服务将带给您无与伦比的体验。

团队所在的Compass公司,是全美最大的独立房产经纪公司,并且得到软银等众多投资机构亲睐,目前估值已达$64亿。 其对于高科技和大数据的运用能够帮助客户更精准的找到房源,洞悉市场变化。 遍布全美的12000多名专业经纪网络能够满足客户在任何地区的房产需求。

公司推出的Concierge “礼宾服务”和Bridge loan services “桥梁贷款”等更是远超同行。 Concierge“礼宾服务”是指公司担保以“零利息”贷款给卖家对房产进行翻修美化,涵盖刷漆、厨房升级、浴室改造,储藏室租赁,软装家具陈设,庭院修缮等有利于房产销售的各项支出,更延伸至卖方搬家费用、清洁费用等。在房产成功销售后归还贷款即可,此服务完全解除了客户在卖房过程中的焦虑和不便。








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