Joshua Huleisy

Joshua Huleisy

Agent | DRE# 02140012

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Client Testimonials

"The realtor Josh is super helpful, kind, and responsive. I loved living in the area I bought in, since it’s so close to everything. I lived at the property I bought for 3 years now, since it’s a very walkable area. " - Kendall E

"Josh always responded to any of my questions quickly and kindly, as I was very fortunate to have him during my buying process! Thank you again for your hardworking, Josh! " - Kay C

"Josh makes sure that any requests are taken care of within hours and is always easy to reach. I would definitely recommend working with Josh when you are looking to buy " - Savannah I

"Joshua is the man! He gets the job done whenever necessary and he always has good vibes. Eventually helped me move to a bigger condo and I am very satisfied! " - Griffin

"Josh is absolutely fantastic and if you ever need anything, he jumps right in. He ended up helping me find a home in LA proper. Couldn’t be any happier! " - Chris H

"Josh is amazing. Any issues we had during our process, he immediately resolved. Highly recommend using him during your buying process!!!! " - Armin A

"We ended up moving to a smaller place! Highly recommend using Josh if you are looking for a place to buy. Josh is helpful and kind! " - Laura J

"My fiancé and I have been looking for a place to buy for almost 2 years! Josh has been ideal and thanks to him, we were able to move in to our new home with ease! " - Lala S

"Josh is friendly and helpful. We had an issue with our listing once and it was promptly fixed. Strongly recommend using him. " - Caylin J

"Josh has been beyond extraordinary. Josh is incredibly prompt and easy to reach and he has been amazing help for myself and my boyfriend for securing a beautiful condo in the West LA area! " - Hailey S

" I had been dreaming of moving into a new home for months. Josh was very responsive during our buying process! " - Casey J

"I moved to my new home a couple of weeks ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. The location could not be any better. In the heart of the Noho Arts District, everything is in walking distance! Great food, bars, entertainment… Josh has been great and helping any questions I asked during my buying process. " - Michael O

"Josh always had answers for all of our questions and was always there when we needed help. Totally recommend working with him when you’re ready to buy! " - Timothy H

"Josh is extremely helpful and friendly. Love living in my new condo with my dog here because it has everything he needs as well. Everything is wonderful thanks to him " - Jadagrace

"I am leaving a very positive review even though we ended up not using Josh. Josh is super cool, nice and just overall a decent human being. The only reason I didn’t use him is because we ended up relocating for my kids. Thank you again! " - Yassir A

"Josh has been fantastic in my buying process and has been efficient in all his efforts. " - Green Screen Sessions

"Josh is hands-on and friendly. He helped me find a place that fit my exact needs for the price range I had been looking for. He is patient, kind, and really wants to get his clients taken care of. " - Todd N

"We lived at another place in NOHO for a year. As we wanted more space I found a new construction. Josh is very friendly and responsive and helped us close on the new construction we were interested in. " - Prabhaker R

"The condo I moved into has so much charm, very clean, quiet, and filled with friendly places. Josh is also great and friendly. I would 10/10 recommend using Josh." - Madison

"Recently move in to this modern, new condo. Just loving every minute of living here. Great location. Josh has helped make our move very easy, thanks again! " - Madison

"Recently move in to this modern, new condo. Just loving every minute of living here. Great location. Josh has helped make our move very easy, thanks again! " - Marc Socalif

" Highly recommend using Josh. Josh was always so nice and helpful during our whole process. " - Giselle M

"Just moved in and so happy with our brand new home! Josh is very attentive and helpful when it comes to any questions in regards to our buying process! " - Chelsea

About Joshua

Josh's years of experience in property management and hospitality make him a valuable asset in the real estate industry. With a decade of experience living in Los Angeles, he has a unique understanding of the local market that can help him provide top-notch service to his clients.

As a property manager, Josh likely has a deep understanding of property maintenance, tenant relations, and leasing agreements. He understands what it takes to keep a property in good condition and how to ensure that tenants are happy and satisfied with their living situation. This knowledge can be especially useful when helping clients buy or sell rental properties.

In addition to his property management experience, Josh's background in the hospitality industry can also be a valuable asset in his new career as a real estate agent. The hospitality industry is all about providing excellent customer service, which is a skill that translates well to real estate. Real estate agents who excel at customer service are more likely to build long-lasting relationships with their clients and earn repeat business.

With his experience in both property management and hospitality, Josh is well-equipped to handle the challenges that come with being a real estate agent. Whether he is helping clients buy their dream home or sell a property for a profit, Josh can leverage his diverse background to provide exceptional service.

One of the biggest advantages of Josh's experience is his ability to provide clients with valuable insights into the local market. Having lived in Los Angeles for over a decade, Josh likely has a deep understanding of the different neighborhoods, their unique features, and the types of properties available in each area. This knowledge can be invaluable when helping clients find the perfect home or investment property.

Moreover, Josh's experience in the hospitality industry means that he understands how to cater to clients' needs and preferences. He knows how to listen carefully to their concerns and tailor his services to meet their specific requirements. By doing so, he can build a strong relationship of trust and loyalty with his clients.

Overall, Josh's years of experience in property management and hospitality make him a valuable asset to the real estate industry. His knowledge of the local market, customer service skills, and ability to provide valuable insights to clients can set him apart from other real estate agents. If you're looking for a real estate agent who truly understands the needs of his clients, Josh is an excellent choice.