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"There aren't enough words that I could say about Karen. I am not sure we could have made it through the process without her. The patience that she exudes...the expertise throughout every hurdle... There isn't a person I would trust more than Karen. My parents decided to take the leap out of the city. Needless to say, their worries were out of proportion to the situation. Karen dedicated endless hours of support not just to the process but she also was a trusted resource whom my parents ultimately adore. This review doesn't even begin to express all she has done for us.Thank you, Karen!" - Jennifer L

"Karen helped us sell and buy our new home. She made the process very easy and was always available to answer all of our questions. She is a wonderful agent and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!" - Alisa L

"Karen has helped me navigate through two house purchases and one house sale over the last few years. Her attention to detail, methodical approach, along with her caring and sensitive attitude have made the whole process smooth and seamless. From start to finish she’s been supportive and kept me grounded throughout the whole journey of property ownership. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to move near or far." - Beverley P

"Karen is one of a kind. Our family has trusted her with multiple real estate transactions, and for good reason. She continually goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth transaction. What stands out most is she takes the time to get to know you and your family and then assists when and where you need help the most. When we didn't know where to find the propane tank removal history, she made the calls. When miscommunication nearly killed the deal, she was there to calm everyone's nerves and instead seal the deal. Best of all, she is honest and fair. As we are now moving away from her region and forced to use other realtors, we are reminded just how lucky we were to work with Karen. She will be missed!" - Michael L



Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®)
Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation
About Karen

Meet Karen Tyrell, a compassionate and dedicated real estate agent who specializes in serving seniors and individuals looking to downsize. With her extensive knowledge, empathy, and personalized approach, Karen is a trusted guide for those navigating the complexities of transitioning to a more manageable living situation.

Originally from Wales in the UK, Karen has moved multiple times herself and understands how stressful a move can be. She began by staging homes for other real estate agents in 2011 and since then, after getting licensed herself, she has worked with many wonderful clients over the years. First time home buyers, investors, moving up and downsizing. Having many resources to turn to, trusted vendors to help and always willing to roll up her sleeves and plant a few flowers or pack a box, Karen is very 'hands on'. She lives in Bernardsville, New Jersey with her family and their rescue dog. A member of the town's Green Team, she enjoys all things outside and to do with nature. 

Karen's Approach:

  1. Expertise: Karen has honed her expertise in the unique needs and challenges faced by seniors and those downsizing. She stays updated on the latest market trends, legal considerations, and resources available for this demographic.

  2. Empathy and Understanding: Karen understands that moving or downsizing can be an emotional journey. She takes the time to listen to her clients' stories, concerns, and goals, building a strong rapport based on trust and empathy.

  3. Customized Solutions: Every client's situation is unique. Karen tailors her services to each individual, offering a range of options that align with their preferences, financial situation, and health needs.

  4. Downsizing Guidance: Karen assists clients in making difficult decisions about what to keep, sell, or donate. She connects them with professionals who can help with estate sales, appraisals, and organizing belongings.

  5. Seniors-Friendly Listings: Karen curates a portfolio of properties that meet the specific needs of seniors, such as single-level homes, properties with accessible features, or communities with amenities catering to an active and social lifestyle.

  6. Family Involvement: Karen recognizes that often family members are part of the decision-making process. She maintains open communication, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and comfortable with the choices being made.

  7. Education: Karen offers workshops and seminars for seniors and their families, sharing valuable insights on downsizing, selling a home, and the intricacies of transitioning to a new living situation.

  8. Patience and Respect: Karen is patient with her clients, allowing them the time they need to make decisions. She treats each client with the utmost respect and dignity, acknowledging their life experiences and the emotional aspects of the move.

  9. Positive Impact: Karen's commitment to seniors and downsizing has earned her a reputation as a dependable and caring advocate. Many of her clients praise her for not only simplifying the real estate process but also for making a significant, positive impact on their lives during a period of change.

In the realm of real estate, Karen Tyrell stands out as a true advocate for seniors and downsizing individuals, offering not just professional expertise, but also a comforting and supportive hand throughout their journey.