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Kari Carson

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About Kari

There’s a well-known proverb that says, “the well beaten path does not always make the right road”. Taking a step off of my own beaten path led me to a career in Real Estate, and an opportunity to actually make a living doing something I love, with people I love to be around. 

Before finding real estate, I spent many years immersed in the world of music. I’ve played the trombone for over thirty years and have a Doctorate in Jazz Studies from the University of Southern California. For over a decade, I taught music courses at the college level and performed as professional jazz musician. 

As an art form, jazz is defined by the concept of improvisation – jazz musicians create melodies through their ability to instantaneously react to the music around them. However, jazz artists also rely on what they have learned in their studies to guide them in making quick and reliable decisions. As a real estate agent, I use the same method for adapting to unpredictable situations. My training, knowledge and expertise guide me in resolving difficult challenges, while my unique background, passion and creativity help to set me apart. 

My years of teaching helped me to develop skills that are vital to my success as an agent. I’m able to easily talk with all types of people, and can clearly communicate concepts that are often difficult to understand. As a Realtor, I love having the opportunity to constantly meet new and interesting people and to become a small part of their story. But I chatting with people is just a small part of what I do. Much of my time is spent on working out the details, a side of the job that takes a great amount of organization and the ability to multitask efficiently. I enjoy both aspects of the job, and find that they fit my personality perfectly - I’m someone who is passionate and enthusiastic while remaining detail oriented and driven by a strong work ethic. 

I will always have a love and appreciation for music, and I am grateful to stay connected to the music community through my work helping artists of all kinds. However, I know now that working in Real Estate is my true passion. I look forward to continuing to help buyers and sellers find their own paths while navigating the exciting (but unpredictable) real estate market.