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Karin brings a vast knowledge of real estate to every experience and every transaction. Real estate is in her blood. Growing up in Upstate New York, her parents were landlords and Karin knew one day she would want to own real estate too and be a real estate investor like her parents. But she also knew the best way to learn how to be a landlord and own real estate in Boston would be to sell it first, so she began this journey many years ago and was instantly hooked!

She has a Bachelor's Degree from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Boston College. As a result of this professional training and years as a social worker, she brings understanding, compassion and amazing problem-solving skills to her work, making even the most challenging deals in reach of a solution. As someone you can trust in every step of the process, working with Karin takes the stress out of buying and selling. She has an expertise in condo conversions, development, sales and rentals. She is also an exceptional agent and her favorite real estate of all is with first time home buyers. Karin loves the satisfaction happiness of helping someone purchase their first home.

With twenty-six years in the real estate industry and having owned her own company for many years, Karin is thrilled to now be a part of the Compass Team and is thoroughly enjoying this next chapter of real estate. She is married to husband, Andy, and is a mother of two. She has a fourteen-year-old, Max, and twelve-year-old, Sam; needless to say, she has extraordinary patience and listening skills too. When Karin actually has free time, she loves to explore and enjoy new restaurants throughout the city and travel whenever possible.

Connecting with her clients is what makes working with Karin an extraordinary experience for buyers, sellers, renters and developers. Trust her with all of your real estate needs and she will ensure you have the utmost attention, care, honesty and promises to make it a lot of fun too.

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a view of kitchen with refrigerator and wooden floor
a view of an empty room with a window
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a view of front door
a view of an empty room with a window
a view of empty room with window and wooden floor
a view of empty room
a view of an empty room
a view of house with a outdoor space
a very nice looking room with a large window
a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower
a view of a terrace with furniture
a view of roof with potted plants and city view
a city view with lot of buildings
a living room with furniture a large window and wooden floor
a living room with furniture and a flat screen tv
a view of a city
a couple of cars parked in front of a house
a view of ocean and city view
a view of a park with large trees
a view of ocean and boats
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