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"Across many industries, there is a recognition and celebration of those who go the “Extra Mile” and belong to the prestigious “Extra Miler Club”. We have had the incredible good fortune to have Karla Dorsey and her remarkable team represent us in 2 major real estate sale transactions. The most recent was the sale of a condominium unit in the Virage Tampa. We were the first unit to be sold as a resale while simultaneously multiple other units were becoming available for resale. Karla’s competence, perseverance, accommodation, resourcefulness, and incomparable professionalism always prevailed. She raised the bar for all the other participants in the process and set an impeccable standard. Regardless of the occasional challenge, her focus and professional demeanor never wavered. Karla Dorsey has a unique style in her steadfast determination to make things happen and always goes the proverbial extra mile to insure that they do! Thank you Karla Dorsey and the Karla Dorsey Team. We are eternally grateful.!"

"I have bought and sold restaurant properties for over thirty years throughout Central Florida. Karla Dorsey was retained by my company in 2021 to market a difficult property located in the Historic District of South Tampa . Previously the large property was represented by two well known national Realty firms with little success. Karla was recommended by a former client of hers and so we engaged her Company, honestly with little expectations for a different , better outcome . Within two weeks Karla had arranged three different showings to local developers and had a large function for Realty Companies on site to discuss possibilities on the parcel . I soon learned that this was a different kind of real estate person. Her doggedness, creativity and sophistication brought more attention to the site than we ever expected. The Historic Neighborhood Associations had mounted an organized effort to block any future restaurant or multifamily development on the site, other than single family homes. But, Karla created so much interest to the property from local builders and hospitality companies seeking new locations, as well as companies looking to move to the Tampa Bay Area, we were eventually successful in selling the property. With her dedication to us and the project, and her impressive negotiating skills with prospective buyers , Karla had contracts at full asking price within sixty days of signing up with her company. One contract after another was never brought to fruition because of roadblocks from the City Historic Commission and the organized Neighborhood Associations. Six qualified buyers were thwarted from moving forward, but Karla persisted and creatively guided the now, new owners of the property to a successful conclusion. She never lost faith that there would eventually be a way forward for us. We would recommend Karla Dorsey and her team to any Commercial or Residential seller with the knowledge that she will dedicate herself completely to your project."

"Karla was professional, knowledgeable of the market, and concerned for the well being of our home purchase. If she saw something that maybe we didn't see, she let us know. If we had a crazy work schedule, she worked around it. She always did her best to make herself available, whether it was a phone call, email, or last minute house showing. During the entire housing search she always made sure that we were comfortable and provided valuable recommendations. Working with her Karla was a very satisfying experience and we will definitely be using her for our next home purchase!"

"My mother passed away recently and we needed to clear out her home and put it on the Market! Karla Dorsey was incredible! She was professional and totally provided the human touch. She assisted in getting the home ready by providing so many resources and negotiated an amazing deal. Her business savvy, knowledge, kindness, compassion and incredible skills made this experience seamless and incredibly timely. I would highly recommend Karla Dorsey and her team to anyone buying or selling a home in the Bay area."

"Karla was amazing! It was our first time buying a home and she made enough everything so easy and quick. She sat down and explained the whole process, answered all of our questions and took the time to get to know who we were and what we were looking for. She found our perfect home and even negotiated a deal so that we could do our own landscape for a lower price, something we were wanting to our house no matter what. She found the perfect house for us so fast for such a hard market to buy into. She always answered our questions right away and helped guide us through the whole process. We are so happy we worked with Karla!"

"Karla and her team are top notch. When it comes to listing a home and taking great pictures, anyone can do that. The real value was in the strategy Karla had for pricing our home and then negotiating when there were multiple offers. After the dust settled we walked away with 6-figures over asking."

"I wanted to wait a few days to let the reality of finally owning a home sink in before I wrote about my experiences with Karla Dorsey's Team at Compass. The entire team went the extra mile for me in the search for and final purchase of a new home. We had some unusual challenges in the purchasing process, and they were always responsive and ready to guide me to be able to respond to each new twist and turn. They were professional and warm, with an amazing attention to detail. I was able to go into the new home with a very clear picture of the house I was purchasing, to be ready financially to renovate it into the space I have always dreamed of. I could not have asked for a better experience with them. Thank you so much!!"

"Karla was wonderful to work with! We were first time home buyers, so the process was new and intimidating. But Karla was very patient with us and walked us through every step of the process. She was also very knowledgeable about the area and had great advice. She also did a great job negotiating our offer. It was very apparent that she wanted the best for us. We highly recommend her for any home buyer, first time or experienced!"

"Karla helped us buy our current house from start to finish. She managed the offer, the negotiations, and all the processes needed to succeed with a purchase. During this time Karla was always even keeled, never stessed and helped us immensly with a smooth purchase. I highly recommend her."

"I was transferring to Tampa and Karla was very knowledgeable about the best areas for me based upon my needs. Karla took the time to completely understand what I was looking for and she found the house and made it happen! I very much appreciated Karla's time and attention to help me find my new home."

"The Karla Dorsey Team came to us highly recommend from many friends and family members. The whole team worked tirelessly to make our home buying experience in Tampa stress free and enjoyable. We were so lucky to close on our dream home in South Tampa that was an off market deal. Without Karla, this never would have happened! She connected us with the best team from the lenders to inspectors to make everything happen efficiently. Karla and Madison were approachable, dependable, knowledgeable, and professional. Our family is delighted to call Tampa our home and we are so thankful to The Karla Dorsey Team for making it happen so quickly! Karla is truly the BEST in the Bay!"

"From the first time I talked to Karla on the phone to the date of closing, Karla and team were awesome. I came to Karla via a simple Google search after finding out I was to be stationed at MacDill AFB. As a first-time homebuyer, Karla guided me through the intimidating home buying process. Not only did I feel like I could trust her judgment and experience, but more importantly I felt empowered. She's been at this for a long time so she has multiple contacts able to fill every need. My favorite thing Karla would say is, "I've got a great carpet guy" or "I've got an inspection guy" or "I've got a loan officer with whom you'd get along". Her go-to guys were prompt and competitively priced. Many thanks for the smooth home buying process, especially accommodating for the fact that I was halfway across the country for the duration of the process!"

About Karla

Karla Dorsey is an award-winning real estate advisor and team leader who is ranked in the top 1.5% of agents in greater Tampa Bay.

The Karla Dorsey Team has built strategic alliances both locally & internationally & has developed a reputation for providing world class service with a team that is proud to offer an unmatched level of professionalism. She is a certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Director of the Tampa Chapter of the NADP, and Professional Real Estate Stager. Karla’s sense of design & style combined with her talent & passion for transforming your home will  play a major role in providing a one stop shop for all of her discerning clients.

As a client of The Karla Dorsey Team, you will experience one-on-one personal attention to detail, expert contract negotiations, and concise communication throughout the important process of Selling or Buying a home. As a client of ours you will be privy to unparalleled benefits of our exclusive Compass programs that will open new doors through our Private Exclusives, Coming Soon, & Concierge level services.  You will join a very select group of people that can utilize these exclusive programs resulting in selling your home faster and for more money with the benefits of these invaluable privileges.

As a Tampa Native herself, graduating from HB Plant High School, she serves her clients with a lifetime of knowledge for the local and surrounding areas. Deeply rooted in the west coast of Florida, she has a proven track record of promoting & supporting local business owners and remains heavily involved in her community through her video series “Discover Tampa with Karla.”

Throughout her journey as a Real Estate Advisor, Karla has been fortunate to represent many high profile clients and enjoys working hands-on with multiple top builders from the design phase through the selection of finishes to ensure her clients’ expectations are exceeded when construction is complete. There is no greater satisfaction when our clients realize they have conceptualized & built the home of their dreams! 

In her spare time she loves to cook, entertain, and shares a love of collecting wine from around the world with her husband & partner, John.  She is a true Tampa native who loves walking on Bayshore, enjoys a quiet afternoon on one of our world-renowned beaches, and spending time with her family, friends, & rescue dog Rascal. “My home, family, and network are what keep me motivated to represent & serve my community.  Helping families buy & sell their dream homes is a privilege & passion."

Karla Dorsey’s Listings

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a front view of a house with a yard and porch
a view of a door with a chairs and a door
a view of a entryway door front of a house
a living room with furniture and wooden floor
a living room with fireplace furniture and a window
a living room with furniture a chandelier and a rug
a view of a dining room with furniture window and wooden floor
a living room with furniture and wooden floor
a living room with furniture gym equipment and a large window
a spacious bedroom with a bed and glass windows
a bedroom with a bed and a chandelier
a bedroom with a large bed and windows
a bedroom with a bed and a chandelier
a bathroom with a bathtub and a sink
a spacious bathroom with a granite countertop sink a mirror and a shower
a view of walk in closet with clothes and shoes
a view of walk in closet with clothes and shoes
a bathroom with a toilet a sink and a mirror
a utility room with dryer and washer
a bathroom with a sink a vanity and a mirror
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a refrigerator and a stove
a living room with furniture and a large window
a living room with furniture
a bedroom with furniture and a wooden floor
a living room with furniture and a large window
a living room with furniture and a large window
a living room with furniture and large windows
a kitchen with a sink and cabinets
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a sink and cabinets
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a sink stove and refrigerator
a kitchen with a sink and white cabinets
a living room with furniture and a large window
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
a view of a dining room with furniture window and outside view
a house view with a outdoor space
a view of a backyard with sitting area and furniture
a view of a backyard with wooden fence
an outdoor sitting area with couch and wooden fence
a front view of a house with yard and green space
a picture of trees
an aerial view of a house
an aerial view of residential houses with outdoor space and trees
a view of lake and houses with outdoor space
a view of a city
an aerial view of tennis court
a view of a yard with a swimming pool
a view of an outdoor space
a view of yard
an aerial view of a house with a yard
a picture of floor plan
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