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Katelyn Daniels

REALTOR® | DRE# 02182854


* Residential Single Family Home & Condominium Project Sales
* Residential Investment Property Analysis & Sales
* First Time Home Buyers 
* Relocation Specialist 
* Buyer's Agent
* Listing Agent
About Katelyn

Introducing Kate Daniels, a passionate and dedicated real estate professional with a remarkable journey that led her to the world of property. Kate's personal experience as a homebuyer ignited her love for real estate, allowing her to empathize with her clients and provide them with an exceptional home buying experience. With a genuine desire to help others and a saint-like patience, Kate navigates the process with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring her clients' needs and expectations are met every step of the way.

Kate's work ethic is truly invaluable, coupled with her magnetic personality that fosters meaningful connections with her clients. She understands that each individual has unique requirements, and she goes above and beyond to curate a tailored experience for every client she serves. From securing the right vendors and contractors to assisting with the logistics of moving, Kate relentlessly works to ensure her clients' satisfaction, leaving no stone unturned.

Before embarking on her real estate journey, Kate's roots trace back to the stunning East Coast of Australia, where she was born and raised. For the past five years, she has called Los Angeles home, building a life with her husband and their beloved dog, Bowie. Kate brings a distinctive skill set to the real estate realm, drawing from her professional background in the creative arts and entertainment industry spanning over 15 years. Her expertise in teaching and event planning, along with her active involvement in the entertainment industry, has shaped her into a full-service agent with an unmatched ability to deliver outstanding results.

Notably, Kate remains committed to her students and volunteer work, consistently contributing her creative talents to social events throughout Los Angeles. This dedication to her community further demonstrates her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact beyond the realm of real estate.

Kate embodies the epitome of a real estate professional who goes above and beyond for her clients. With a heartfelt passion for helping others, an impeccable attention to detail, and a wealth of experience in the creative arts and entertainment industry, Kate offers a unique and unparalleled service that leaves a lasting impression on all her past, present, and future clients.