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Kelly Kozlowski learned the value of helping others at the age of five, when her dad had her field calls on his home office phone. If the client mentioned her wit and professionalism to her dad, Kelly earned a dollar — and so began a lifelong passion for customer service that guides her work as a realtor to this day.   Kelly’s enthusiasm for educating clients about the real estate process, matched with her strong values of honesty and accountability, have earned her the nickname “Mama Bear” around the Hive Homes office.

Kelly is deeply knowledgeable about marketing, and regularly geeks out over the latest industry tech, a trait that gives her clients a big leg up in this competitive market! She endeavors to bring levity and fun to a process that can be highly emotional for clients. With each interaction, Kelly leans into her motto of “zero regrets at the closing table,” which to her means that, by the time a property closes, her clients feel confident, comfortable and excited about the transaction. No regrets! 

Kelly is a team founder of Hive Homes and the mother of two amazing kids, who are the reason she works as hard as she does. You might find Kelly and her family jamming to music in the car on the way to their log cabin in Jefferson, dancing with the sunroof open in the high school pick-up line, or otherwise creating silly fun wherever they go!

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Client Testimonials
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"Kelly is super friendly, responsive and easy to work with without ever being too pushy. She was there every step of the way to answer any and all questions, even the ones you didnt know to ask yet. I feel like every tour I went on with her I learned something new about something new to check for or the home buying process in general. And we went on a LOT of tours together before we finally snagged the right for me. I highly recommend her for her expertise, her patience, her reliability and her general amiability."

"Kelly is an excellent realtor. She done 1 purchase and 3 sales for me over the past 14 months. We received good offers on all 3 sales in 1 day to 10 days and all were in the $700k to $800k price range. She is excellent at staging, assisting with a cleaner in preparation of selling the homes, flyers, banners & URL (for one one that was on a busy street) and excellent photos. All in a timely manner. Kelly also insured we had Zillow ads, signage and qualified agents if not herself to hold the houses. Her responsiveness is impeccable at all times of the day as well. If you want the best you should us kelly!"

"WE 'found' Kelly by accident, and what a great find it was! Whether first time home buyer or experienced like we are, I would highly recommend Kelly Kozlowski. She is very personable and at the same time highly professional. She is knowledgeable, accessible, responsive, skilled, and she works hard to get you what you want. She enjoys what she does, and it shows. We were very impressed with Kelly, we couldn't have asked for better support to get us through this at times difficult process of purchasing a house."

"Kelly Kozlowski guided me through my very first home buying experience. Kelly has a very approachable demeanor and was able to instantly connect with my girlfriend and I both on a professional and personal level. This made working with her feel very familiar, like working with a friend. Kelly was incredibly accessible,being my first home purchase I had a lot of questions. Morning or night Kelly was always quick to return a phone call, text message or email. it was very refreshing. Lastly, Kelly was incredibly knowledgeable about negotiating the initial in ensuring that our offer was going to get us the best price for us, while making our appealing to the seller. If we are to ever be in the market to purchase another home, I will definitely work with Kelly again. "

"The real estate market can be a scary place for the first-time home-buyer. Especially now and especially in Denver. Kelly made the process extremely fun, removed the overwhelming feeling, and listened to my needs and wants to find the perfect home! Kelly is a great communicator who made me feel comfortable by explaining the whole process and making sure I understood each step along the way. I loved how she handled all of the little quirks along the way and was eager to investigate further so that we both learned as much as we could about the property and the process. I highly recommend you chat with Kelly to find the perfect home!"


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The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Studies