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Kelly McGinnis

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Kelly McGinnis is all about the details. Her keen memory for the little things that matter—from her clients’ nitpickiest home preferences right down to the names of their pets or their favorite foods—has earned her an incredibly loyal client base over her seven years of experience. That key trait, plus her naturally empathetic nature, sunny disposition, and well-honed patience round out her reputation as one of Seattle’s easiest-to-work-with agents. “I look at clients as friends rather than just business relationships, and always, always try to connect on a one-on-one level,” she says. “Homes are important, they’re where you create the life you want to live. That’s something I understand deeply.” Her commitment to her work has led to her inclusion in the top 5% of Washington state brokers and a Five Star Agent Award recognizing her as an up-and-coming broker.

A Pacific Northwest native, Kelly grew up in the north end of Tacoma. Her love of real estate began right there: As a child she frequently wandered through nearby houses with her mother, dreamily re-imagining the beautiful homes she saw mentally. It’s an experience she now happily recreates with her clients, daily. Kelly particularly specializes in the Seattle area and lives in Northeast Seattle herself, but knows the greater market as well. Beyond her Tacoma-based upbringing, she also earned her degree from Washington State University.

Away from her clients, Kelly spends her time with her husband, Brenden, who’s in the golf event business, and their cat Bubba—named in homage to the famous golfer Bubba Watson. She’s actively involved in the Seattle Junior League and the nonprofit NW Arts Project for Seattle public schools as well. You’ll also find her out trying new restaurants, hiking, and testing out different yoga studios regularly, and she loves to pass along recommendations to her clients.

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Kelly McGinnis’ Listings

a view of a terrace with furniture
a front view of a house with garden
a terrace with outdoor seating and city view
a living room with furniture and a fireplace
a living room with furniture and a lamp
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances kitchen island granite countertop a sink and a refrigerator
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a refrigerator a sink dishwasher a stove and a refrigerator with wooden floor
a bathroom with a sink mirror and toilet
a view of entryway and hall
a living room with furniture a flat screen tv and a window
a living room with furniture and a window
a bathroom with a shower and a bath tub
a bedroom with a bed and chair
a bathroom with a granite countertop sink a toilet and shower
a view of livingroom with washer and dryer
a view of a lake with couches and wooden floor
an outdoor sitting area with furniture and city view
a roof deck with patio
a view of a terrace with furniture
a view of a balcony next to a yard
a view of a city from a terrace
a view of a terrace with seating area
a view of city and ocean
a view of a large building with a mountain in the background
a front view of a house with parking

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