Ken Buchmann

Ken Buchmann

DRE #: 02011678

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  • $45 million+ in sales
  • Over 15 years of sales experience
  • Expert negotiator

About Ken

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Ken Buchmann genuinely cares about his clients and it shows. His attention-to-detail helps him deeply understand their specific needs and his strong negotiation skills ensure that those specific needs are met. He is with his clients every step of the way and, when the process is over, they are thrilled with their results.

"I was blown away at his level of knowledge about the San Francisco market and his negotiation skills."

Importantly, Ken knows what it's like to wear his clients' shoes. He has shopped at the Ferry Building, marched in the gay pride parade, played tennis in Golden Gate Park, and shared San Francisco residents' experiences for nearly 30 years. His career in San Francisco includes sales and marketing for top firms, such as Cisco and Chase, where he honed his fluency with the Bay Area's unique economic cycles.

"He took & shared notes, had questions and led a focused discussion with the listing agent. He even raised questions about items that the listing agents, themselves, confessed they hadn't been 100% aware of."

Diligence and commitment aren't aspirations for Ken, they are his roots, and he learned them the time-tested way. Raised on a farm in Missouri, Ken learned quickly that diligence and commitment very often will separate success from failure. Ken is fond of saying, "The delight (and not 'the devil') is in the details."

"He really took the time to get to know our needs, and to explain the tough San Francisco market so that we could align our expectations and be on the same page."

Ken distinguishes himself amongst his peers by approaching real estate with the novel belief that all parties to a transaction are partners, not adversaries. This positively-charged approach helps Ken create a negotiating environment in which buyers and sellers alike can comfortably express their needs and reach an agreement that feels like a victory for all involved. This approach requires a great deal of communication and, for that reason, Ken purposefully limits the number of clients he will handle at a given time to make sure that no one gets any less than his best.

"The SF real estate market can be a tough egg to crack and I'm convinced I would not have successfully found a place I love within my budget without him."

If you are buying or selling a home in San Francisco, let Ken Buchmann's passion for his work lead you comfortably and confidently through this important stage of your life!