Kristen Savely

Kristen Savely



College of Charleston - Master of Arts (MA)


Client Testimonials

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"Buying and selling real estate is clearly a tremendous financial endeavor. Buying a selling a home is much more than that … there are great emotional ramifications as well. Kristen Savely helped us navigate the complexities of both as we purchased a single-family home and sold our condominium. She gamely researched the many difficult issues that arose for the purchase and sale and guided us with expertise and finesse. Kristen knows the market. She recommended the many quality contractors and resources we needed for our new home. She was on-site for all the tasks we needed to accomplish, including home inspections, estimates for work projects, and so much more. We needed to sell the condo quickly to be able to buy the home, requesting as many ‘open houses' as possible. Kristen was willing to schedule and be on-site for as many as we wanted. To us, communication is the key to a successful relationship and Kristen was always available, enthusiastic, and friendly. We readily recommend Kristen to anyone who is considering selling or buying a home. - Thomas & Maria M.

About Kristen
With a passion for the outdoors and a deep love for Chatham, Kristen Savely is your go-to real estate agent at Compass' Pine Acres Realty.  After making the bold decision to leave the bustling city life of Boston behind, Kristen and her husband settled on the Cape full time, embracing the unique beauty and charm that Chatham has to offer.  Kristen's transition into real estate was a natural choice, driven by her genuine connection to the community and her desire to help others find their own slice of paradise.

Kristen's active lifestyle perfectly complements her role as a real estate agent.  As an avid runner and tennis player, she understands the importance of finding a home that suits not only your indoor needs but also your outdoor pursuits.  Kristen takes great joy in exploring the vast wonders of the Cape, and she's eager to share her insider knowledge with her clients, ensuring they discover all the hidden gems and desirable neighborhoods that make Chatham such a sought-after destination.

Before embarking on her real estate journey, Kristen's professional background showcased her unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.  As an Associate Director of Admissions for Brandeis University, she oversaw the recruitment efforts for their esteemed finance program, excelling in managing communication plans to attract top talent.  Kristen's experience in educational publishing, where she served as a Math Director and Senior Math Editor, honed her detail-oriented nature and ensured her ability to achieve exceptional results.  Her customer focus is unparalleled, and she approaches every interaction with a commitment to providing personalized solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

Kristen's skills and expertise readily transfer to the real estate market, making her an invaluable asset to both buyers and sellers.  Her keen eye for detail allows her to identify opportunities that others may overlook, ensuring that her clients make informed decisions.  Kristen's results-driven mindset means she will go above and beyond to negotiate the best possible outcomes for her clients whether they are buying their dream home or selling their property,  Her collaborative approach and natural ability to connect with people make the entire real estate process a seamless and enjoyable experience.

With Kristen Savely as your real estate agent, you can trust that you have a dedicated partner by your side, guiding you through every step of the transaction.  Whether you are a first-time buyer looking to settle down in Chatham or a seller ready to embark on a new chapter, Kristen's expertise and genuine care will help you achieve your real estate goals.  Contact her today and start your journey toward finding the perfect home in Chatham, MA