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Kristine Ng

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"She is one of the most trustworthy people you will ever meet and you can completely trust that she will fight for you to get what you want during every step of the process." - Jennifer C.

"Our experience has been nothing but spectacular and we would highly recommend Kristine to anyone. My wife jokes that she is like an elite concierge at The Peninsula or The Four Seasons." - Michael and Hannah P.

" I emphatically recommend Kristine to all my friends and family. I was going through an incredibly difficult divorce, and I needed a realtor who I could fully trust.

From the moment we met, Kristine always responds quickly, speaks to other parties involved and gets responses promptly.

Kristine is on top of all work pertaining buying and/or selling a home. From paperwork, scheduling out staging to signing, and managing the many components and various people who are part of the process, Kristine always has absolute control.

Kristine is also thoughtfully personable. She held my hand through the entire process, patiently explained the overall process, and kept me up-to-date along every step of the way.

Kristine also has really great taste, a broad network to work with, and her long-time experience enables her to provide the best opportunities for her clients so that they can make the best decisions.

I couldn't have found a more competent, caring, and responsible realtor.

I highly, highly recommend this rare talent. I'm so grateful I had Kristine as my realtor through one of the most difficult times of my life. I definitely benefited personally and got the best deal for my place.

Thank you, Kristine! "
- Esther Kim

"When you're trying to make the biggest purchase in your life, you want the right person in your corner. Kristine Ng was definitely that person for me during my first home purchase. The LA market is a wild hunt. I had been looking for over two years but didn't get very far. My friend suggested that I meet with Kristine and boom, got my house in 3 months. It happened fast because both of us were very open and willing to put the time in.

Kristine has a lot of qualities that I appreciate. From the start she made it a point to understand my style and needs. Her approach is genuine and not presumptuous. The first few days of looking at homes, I felt like she was observing me and interviewing me! It was helpful because it helped me articulate what I actually wanted.

She is very professional and hands on. Whatever she can do to lessen the workload for me, she would take on and get it done. She's very considerate of my time and has never made me feel like she was unavailable. At one point, I thought I was her only client because she was so good at being present and available based on my schedule! (She actually has many clients.)

I also liked that she doesn't gloss over things. She's very intentional about making sure everything gets done properly. For example, I made a few offers on homes that I was only slightly interested in. Each offer we submitted she did not skip steps. She advocated for me with the seller's agent and really dug into the property and made sure we turned in a solid offer. This was appreciated because it gave me a real opportunity to consider each property without shying away.

When we finally found the one, she was a star. Handling the conversations with the seller's agents aggressively enough to lock me in as the favored buyer. In the moment, it was rollercoaster ride, but Kristine did not let up! She truly listened to all my reservations and stood firmly for my needs and really got the seller to meet me on my side.

It was a blessing to work with Kristine. She is also very kind!"
- Millie C.

"Kristine is the BEST real estate agent we have ever worked with! Not only did she help us buy a home in the exact neighborhood and school district we wanted -- with our limited time window to do so -- but she also sold our previous home afterwards for maximum profit! She is the most responsive agent we've ever worked with, always available to make sure everything got done as efficiently and as cost effective as possible. And we haven't even mentioned her personality -- sparkling, kind, and funny! It felt like her main priority was our happiness, and everything else was secondary. She's an agent who makes her client's dreams come true. With us, she did! We love our new home and we love Kristine. Is there a 6 star option on yelp? There should be for her! Can't recommend enough!" - Erik W.

"Kristine is a GEM! We had the pleasure of working with Kristine recently for the second time. We knew we would work with Kristine again because she was such a fantastic agent (and human being) who really advocates for you and your family. She got us through a very competitive process the first time and made the whole experience painless and fast! She works extremely hard and will make you feel like you are her number one client at all times (even though she has many clients!). She is very professional, kind, smart, and responsive.

We appreciated Kristine even more the second time around because of the trust and relationship we already had with her and of course she was phenomenal. She was a savvy and professional negotiator. We were amazed at the deal she was able to secure for us, which is not easy to do with a large builder/developer. Anyone would be lucky to work with Kristine - she really does have your best interest in mind at all times and will go the extra mile!

Thank you, Kristine, for getting us into our dream home!"
- Hannah P.

"We were so lucky to find Kristine Ng as our agent. We were first-time home buyers, and Kristine was there for us through all the ups and downs, helping us stay positive in an incredibly competitive market. Kristine took the time to ask about our long-term financial goals and coach us through the process through that lens. We never felt pushed to make an offer we weren't comfortable with, though she is honest with her opinions that are informed by her experience and market data. Kristine is one of the most hardworking people I've ever met. On top of that she is kind, patient, and incredibly sharp. We found the perfect home in just under 3 months! Go with Kristine--you won't regret it!" - Katherine B.

"Kristine was helpful and patient through our complicated buying experience. I really appreciated that she was flexible and transparent throughout the process. We know Kristine to be incredibly dedicated to her clients. She spent most of Thanksgiving day (and weekend) with us for home inspections and stayed in the home search process with us for over a year." - Kathryn J.

"Kristine came highly recommended from my friends, and I can see why! My fiancee and I were looking to buy a house, and Christine was amazing! She went above and beyond our expectations. As we were going through multiple leads, she was tirelessly on the move to make sure we got the best deal and there weren't anything suspicious going on with the seller or the place we were about to purchase.

She also has a great eye for things and knew quite well beforehand whether we would like a place or not. And, once we decided to purchase, she made sure we understood everything and made sure that buying a house and paperwork to be be as painless as possible (and there can be a lot of back-and-forth paperwork with the sellers!)

Kristine is simply the hardest working real estate agent we've ever met (and I've met quite a few) and highly client-focused. She is quick to respond and if there was anything that were a least bit iffy, she made sure everything got covered and that we were in the best position as possible as a buyer. It was amazing to meet someone who puts so much effort and care for their client.

Needless to say, with her help, we now have purchased a wonderfully roomy condo in West LA with a great price and it is now being renovated as we speak. She fought for us to make sure the seller or the HOA would take care of any inconsistencies or fixes that would need to be made before we paid and moved in. We are more than grateful for her hard work and I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a highly trustworthy real estate agent who will help you buy any property."
- Win K.

"Kristine is lovely! seriously, without any make-up and 8 months pregnant, she was beautiful! and lovely, as in SO pleasant to work with.

this first time we met her in person, to be honest, i was slightly worried. she was 8 months pregnant (due just before we would close escrow?!?), and i found out she wasn't from the area we were buying in. (i had always heard you should hire a realtor who's local to your desired area). but she came highly recommended from a top realtor in Chicago who i am friends with. and my friend is so amazing i figured i should trust her recommendation.

we had been emailing for about a year already, me just asking her general questions about real estate (i thought we were still several years away from actually buying, so wasn't looking into it too intently). she was nice, responded quickly, knowledgeable... then when our landlords decided to sell and gave us first dibs, we went super fast-track, and Kristine went along with us!

she answered AAAAALL my questions with patience. (i am Type A, OCD and went over every page with a fine tooth comb) if she didn't know something, she made it a point to ask someone who would know and got back to me.

she was honest, she was caring, she was even on the phone with me past her bedtime answering all my questions! she definitely made me feel like we had someone "on our side."

anyway, going back to my original concerns: she was fully available to text and email the DAY after having her baby! I MEAN...

and the "not from this area" thing was a total non-issue. she deals with westside sales a LOT. (i'm sure she deals with stuff all over!)

she made home buying as pleasant as it could have been!"
- G L.

"My wife and I worked with Kristine in late 2017/early 2018 to purchase our first home in West LA.

As someone who has made a living in the client service business for over 15 years, I would unequivocally recommend Kristine to anyone who is in the market to buy a home. Having met and gotten to know numerous real estate agents/brokers over the years, I can confidently say that Kristine is one of the very best.

First off - no one works harder than Kristine. Kristine was pregnant at the time of our home search/purchase but that didn't stop her from having calls almost every evening (sometimes past 10PM) to go through anything we needed to work through throughout the process. She was tireless and client-focused in a way you rarely ever see in ANY profession.

Secondly, her response time to calls and texts were more or less instantaneous. I was pretty sure she was working on multiple situations simultaneously but based on the way she made herself available to us at all hours, we certainly felt like her VIP client.

Third, she went above and beyond throughout the process. During the offer process we were dealing with 8 other offers for the first round and 5 other offers in the second/final round. She had multiple calls with the seller's broker to get any information she could and to also convey to the seller that we were the right family for the home. She provided advice that was more or less spot-on as it related to what offer price we needed to come in at but was also deferential as to not push us beyond what we were comfortable with. In the end, we were not the top offer from a dollar perspective but the seller chose us because of the way Kristine positioned us as the right young family for the home with a (virtual) certainty of close.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention some of the aftermath post close. Months after we moved in, we had a minor issue with a leak in our kitchen that caused water damage underneath some of our floor boards. We reached out to Kristine in the hopes that she would just provide some advice as to what the best course of action was. Instead, she reached back out to the seller to explain the situation which kick-started the process to rectify the situation. She also provided step-by-step guidance on making sure we did all the proper checks for mold and utilizing the home warranty. Again, months after the close.

Our experience has been nothing but spectacular and we would highly recommend Kristine to anyone. My wife jokes that she is like an elite concierge at the Peninsula or the Four Seasons - always available and willing to go above and beyond. Feel free to DM if you have any specific questions about Kristine."
- Michael P.

About Kristine
“Truth builds Trust,” says Kristine Ng, who believes her clients’ trust and interest are her only priorities. That philosophy served her well in her previous career as a forensic accountant, where she dug through countless numbers and files to get to the truth of how white-collar crimes were committed. Kristine fell in love with real estate after her own house-hunting experience, where she not only found the process fascinating, but also noticed that she could bring her accounting acumen as a Certified Public Accountant to the business side. She is known to be brutally honest to her clients as she feels that it is her responsibility to inform them of all the pros and the cons of any property to help her clients make a wise decision with a long-term goal.

Kristine, a Hong Kong native who is fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), moved to the United States in 2000. As the older child of a single mother, she was raised to be strong-willed and independent person, with a fierce work ethic to ensure her clients are attentively served. She first evaluates with her clients to understand their real estate goals so that she can work above and beyond to help them in achieving the goals successfully, efficiently and with least stress. Beyond each transaction, Kristine offers a concierge-like service to ensure clients have a smooth transition into their new home with referrals to all manner of home services and experts—even long after the sale takes place should any needs arise months or years later. She’s there to serve her clients in the long haul.

Kristine specializes in sales across the Los Angeles region, including but not limited to La Cañada, Westside, Santa Monica, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, Burbank, Redondo Beach and Glendale.

Outside of work, Kristine lives joyfully with her husband, Ronnie Ng, and their lovely children.

Kristine Ng’s Listings

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a living room with furniture and a fireplace
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