About Cindy

Accompanying her parents to open houses, where each new address offered a window into another person's life, remains an affectionate memory for Cindy Nuccio. It was just as exciting to see what was in the homes as it was to imagine how a family lived inside them. Fast forward to present day and Cindy is still as fascinated—only now, she can directly help those in search of their dream home.

By collaborating with top-producing accomplished agents, Cindy has been able to accumulate a level of experience that would usually take many years for an agent to acquire. Communication, coordination & teamwork are of the utmost importance when navigating the buying and selling process and Cindy keeps those objectives at the forefront of the relationship with her clients. As a Pasadena area native, Cindy can also provide valuable insight into the local marketplace.

In the years prior to real estate, Cindy was at home taking care of her most valued "clients"—her children. Before that, Cindy was busy accruing experience in customer service, which includes work at the Gamble House Bookstore, site of the historical Pasadena home designed by architects Charles and Henry Greene, and Getty Publications. Cindy's eye for style is due in part to her role managing the sales department of Jacob Maarse Florists, a large local florist and home decor shop in Pasadena, as well as her involvement in her family's own neighborhood business, Nuccio's Nursery. Through these varied experiences, Cindy is in a unique position to anticipate the needs of her clients and guide them successfully in their real estate transactions.

Cindy Nuccio’s Recent Transactions