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About Gil

Gil's experience in Real Estate stems from years of managing and maintaining his family's commercial and multi-residential properties across the region. During his career, he has also overseen the remodeling of several of his own projects and has subsequently gained an essential aptitude in various aspects of the Real Estate business. Gil brings to the team a strong motivation and creative thinking that helps facilitate an atmosphere in which buyers and sellers experience a seamless process throughout every transaction.


"I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Gil Saraf. I met with a couple of Realtors before Gil, but I knew instantly that he was the one for us. He is honest and hands-on and he really helped to take the pressure off making such a big purchase. I never felt forced to make an offer and when I finally found "the one" and ended up in a bidding war, Gil walked me through every step of the negotiations. It was a very smooth process and I was grateful to Gil for being there every step of the way." - I.S.

"Gil helped me purchase my current home and also takes care of the leasing of 2 of my other properties. Gil is extremely professional, well-versed, and always has had my best interests in mind. He has always provided his honest and candid suggestions and has become a friend over the tenure of our relationship. I would recommend him to anyone looking to a real estate agent who will go the extra mile." - A.K.

"Gil helped me purchase 3 properties so far since April 2012. I will have Gil as my only real estate agent in the future. He is not only knowledgeable about the market, but he is also most accommodating to my personal needs as a home buyer. I totally depend on him for his advise. He gives honest advice. Gil also helped me renovate. Gil is the answer to the problems as a homeowner. He goes out of his way to help. I tell Gil, "You are my insurance," because he does take care of his clients. I have no hesitation recommending Gil to anybody. Because Gil is most reliable, honest and hardworking real estate agent I know." - K.E.

"Of the real estate agents and property managers I deal with regularly, Gil stands out as a consummate expert. He is skilled not only in handling the transaction itself but more importantly in handling the often hard to deal with accompanying personalities. He is courteous and transparent in his dealings with an eye always for finding the right match for the client. Gil recently took over an hour of his time on the phone (at no benefit to himself) answering some real estate questions I was confused about and offering solutions. I appreciate his help and look forward to working with him again in the future! Highly recommended!" - C.P.

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