About Hanna

Hanna has been perfecting the flows between people, information and time for over 15 years. Cutting her teeth in the high-pressure world of Restaurant/Hospitality, Hanna has a refined approach to leveraging people, their emotions, and the facts at hand to deliver the optimum result – which is why her time in Real Estate has been one of immediate success.

A serial entrepreneur who is also fluent in Mandarin, Hanna draws upon her past experiences for creative outcomes in all circumstances. The skill in maintaining confidence and a persistent drive for results, Hanna knows first-hand that success is only when her clients get what they want.

Outside of Real Estate, Hanna is passionate about people development and self development. She values being present and time spent with people to build meaningful connections. While staying active and experiencing what the world has to offer through food, exercise and team-work, she thrives on steering positive energy and bringing happiness to everyone along the way.