About Iskander

Iskander Lemseffer moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in fashion and found immediate success as a designer, quickly becoming a major influencer and eventually pioneer in the art world. Lemseffer created an unstoppable movement unlike anything in the Los Angeles art community known as LAB ART with a second location in Dallas, Texas. His eye for fashion and design led him to his work in real estate, where he initially specialized in international rental properties. His recent focus has been in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air. Complementing his career in design, real estate has become a true passion for Lemseffer. Lemseffer brings a refined eye for design, international real estate experience, and luxury background to the Compass team. Having lived in Dubai for 5 years, and originally from Casablanca, Morocco, Lemseffer fluently speaks English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Know that Iskander always has your best interest in mind and has extensive experience in this industry and in the world of design – yet another reason to use Iskander for your real estate needs!

Iskander Lemseffer’s Listings