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About Matt

Since trading in his New York City MetroCard for a classic convertible, Matt Amico has fully immersed himself in the Palm Springs way of life and the pulse of local real estate. His more than three decades of experience spanning both coasts gives him a unique insight that he applies to each transaction. Matt understands the importance of prudent, knowledge-based decisions no matter what the state of the market cycle, and is committed to providing the best possible outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

Matt is an unbiased architecture enthusiast. Beyond his eye for design, his knack for seeing untapped opportunity in properties enables clients to buy with confidence and sell with success. Through his personal home purchases, sales and renovations, he knows the pros and cons of what adds value and what does not. His involvement in many ground-up new developments further taught him the nuances of the construction process, the importance of quality of materials and how to increase profits for his clients at various price points.

Outside of work, he is passionate about cooking, playing tennis and vintage cars. One of Matt’s favorite aspects of Palm Springs life is making meaningful, hands-on contributions through weekly volunteering at the local Food Bank. A dog lover and dad to Scooter, an 11-year-old Yorkie-Maltese mix, Matt also donates his time to the animal shelter.

Matt is forever delighted at the sight of a moving truck with a satisfied client in tow and prioritizes forging long-term relationships.

Client Testimonials

"Matt was knowledgeable about the local market and my neighbourhood and building in particular. His attention to detail and professionalism helped make a difficult coop board easier to navigate. He was responsive to our needs and many questions throughout the selling process and was lovely to deal with. I continue to recommend him to many friends and associates both as a realtor or expert in the New York or Palm Springs market. He is a wonderful resource to have on your side."

"Matt is the realtor for our home which is currently on the market. He is so professional and smart. Matt knows PS REAL ESTATE in and out. We trust him thoroughly and have complete confidence in him. He has a very warm, sweet personality to go along with his professionalism. "

"Matt was a great help when I was selling my investment condo in Palm Springs. He offered knowledgeable and straightforward advice on when to sell and how to stage and improve the property. I found him easy to work with and very responsive to my various inquiries."

"Fantastic person to work with, has a great sense of what makes a good investment and or home, excellent business acumen. I purchased my last two homes with Matt."

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