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Tahirih Justice Center: tahirih.org

The Tahirih Justice Center is a national non-profit that has served over 25,000 courageous individuals fleeing violence since 1997. Our efficient, effective, and innovative model of service is now delivered from five locations, and we’re committed to serving as many immigrant women and girls as possible.

Sally’s Fund: sallysfund.org

Sally’s Fund enables the Senior Citizens of Laguna Beach to continue living independently by providing them transportation and other essential services, thereby enhancing the quality and dignity of their lives. For those seniors who no longer drive or who find themselves without a car, Sally’s Fund services can be the difference between loneliness and companionship. We give people the opportunity to socialize at outings, discount shop, and attend the senior lunch program.

Laguna Food Pantry: lagunafoodpantry.org

Laguna Food Pantry offers free, fresh, nutritious groceries to families and individuals in need who live, work and attend school in or around Laguna Beach

About Maura

With over 120 Million dollars in Real Estate sales transactions and more than 60 leases signed over an 10 year career, Maura Short sold more homes in Emerald Bay in 2018 than any other agent. She has been a longtime resident and a highly active community member— serving on the Bay’s board of directors for three years, serving as one of the Community Emergency Response Team leaders and active in all of the amenities Emerald Bay has to offer. While Maura served on the EBCA board, she was in charge of the community park redevelopment project. Maura actively engaged with her neighbors in order to understand what the Emerald Bay community wanted to see in their new park. Maura brings intimate knowledge of Emerald Bay as well as being well connected in the village of Laguna Beach.

Maura is known for her strong work ethic, broad industry know-how, and passion for architecture, in addition to her extensive network, confidentiality, and moral code. Combined with her wide-ranging local expertise, all of these assets result in favorable outcomes for both buyers and sellers under her care. Prior to her career in real estate, Maura honed her skills in marketing and print sales—experiences that have only added to her success as a real estate agent.

Additionally, Maura is a dedicated wife and the mother of two teenage daughters. She and her family are avid travelers and whilst traveling, Maura makes a point to combine adventure and giving back to the areas of the world in which they explore.

Maura works on a dedicated team with Steve Maher , Chris Cumming , and Priscila Knox who make sure from start to finish your home experience is nothing less than exceptional.

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