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"Mike represented me when I was looking to rent a house in Studio City/Laurel Canyon/West Hollywood. It was an extremely stressful time for me and Mike really was a calming influence and did everything in his power to ease as much of the stress as he could. He was very prompt in responding to questions and easy to get a hold of. It's obvious he cares a lot about providing good service and finding what his clients want. He has a natural way with people and is able to establish a good rapport with other agents and their clients, even when he was pushing for what I wanted. He has excellent real estate knowledge and the whole process went smoothly. He had good opinions on the pros/cons of each house and the house I eventually rented has worked out great for my kids and I. I plan on using him again as my agent when I am looking to buy a place. " - Yuan

"Finding a home while in transition with small children can be quite stressful, likely is for so many people. Not for us; and it's thanks to Mike. He is a cool, honest, operator with that one critical skill no one bothers to ask when asking for a recommendation, the x-factor that'll, more than any other, come to define your relationship with your agent: he has great people skills. Mike is highly personable and it shows. People like him. You will like him. You will appreciate him, a lot. " - Mahyad

"Mike was such a huge help for our family's transition to LA. We were very focused on finding a home in the Wonderland School District, at the worst time of year to be looking - summer of course, when everyone is trying to do the same thing! In addition to a limited area, our specific requirements of the house were many. Mike wasn't intimidated by this, and after we exhausted all of the obvious options he was more than happy to check in with sales listings that were sitting to see if they would consider renting, and even posted about our search in online groups specific to the area we were searching. When it came down to it, Mike was even negotiating a deal for us from his family vacation because that's how the timing came together. I highly recommend working with Mike, and have no doubt that he will do everything in his power to find his clients not just a home that will do, but a home that they will love, while alleviating as much stress from the process as possible. " - Jennifer Marie

"I would say one of the best things about Mike as an agent is his attention to detail. He remained super on-top of our needs, was completely thorough and helpful in the entire process, even when it went beyond what is normally required of a realtor. We have not purchased a house in 12 years so we needed a lot of hand-holding as things have really changed out there. He went above and beyond providing extensive research of schools, the scary HOA prospect, neighborhoods, etc. He was super generous with his time and attention. He accompanied us on every house visit, revisit, inspection. he helped deal with our bank and timing of mortgage and coordinated seamlessly with our selling agent. Plus hes just a kind, normal trustworthy kind of fella. Can't thank him enough ."


About Mike

Mike’s mission is to help you realize all of your real estate goals through the highest standard of ethics, values, and a commitment to your priorities.

Whether you are buying a first home, your dream home, or an investment property, you can trust Mike will always put your interests above his own.

To Mike, real estate is personal. He tirelessly works for his clients to help them succeed and to tell the next chapter in their lives. Mike looks forward to providing that same type of service for you.

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