About Molly

Molly comes to the Compass family by way of Gibson International following a long and successful career in advertising. Most recently as founder and CEO of Molly B Consulting, a company offering advice and strategic planning in all areas of digital media and advertising.

Molly brings her vast knowledge and a keen sense of Los Angeles design, architecture, and development to every relationship from Hollywood and DTLA to the South Bay, the Valley, Santa Monica, and the Palisades, where she now resides with her husband and 5 rescue dogs.

The decision to buy or sell a home can be overwhelming, which is why she has partnered with a local financial planning group to help guide the decisions by providing affordability, mortgage, and selling scenario analysis in addition to basic financial considerations.

Whether buying or selling, the team is here to help guide and manage your expectations in the context of this constantly evolving real estate market.

★Homework is essential

★The details matter

★Being available, reliable, and responsive is mandatory

★Experience is key

Let's plan together...

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