About Nik

After being determined to make a name for himself as a trumpet player, attending one of the foremost conservatories in the world, and attaining a high level of achievement and performance there, Nik Valinsky decided to explore other facets of life besides spending six hours a day cramped in a stodgy practice room. Since then, Nik has become engrossed with his dedication to helping and interacting with people, more specifically through helping people understand their Real Estate options, and giving them the opportunity to attain their dreams. As a dedicated salesperson in the world of Real Estate, and specifically with Compass, Nik has been given the tools to help direct and build people the wealth and life they deserve. His background makes him an exceptionally hard worker, and someone who finds challenges exciting, rather than, well... challenging. Nik spends his free time going to the gym, cooking meals, reading books, and studying math, finance, and poker. He still occasionally makes music for himself and his close friends and family.