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Having grown up in a family of REALTORS®, I naturally gravitated towards real estate from an early age. My father, grandfather and uncle often discussed deals at the dinner table, I was learning how to be an agent before I could drive and it was only a matter of time before I followed in their footsteps. So, on my 18th birthday I... signed up to get my real estate license and shortly thereafter got licensed in Pennsylvania. After graduating from college, I had several successful years in my hometown selling both residential and commercial real estate, winning awards along the away. However in 2016, I decided that the sunny Los Angeles lifestyle suits me better, prompting me to move out west and get my California Real Estate License. I have continued my success in Los Angeles. I am a hard-working and reliable professional, and will always be their for my clients. Real estate is a big part of my life but not the only thing. I enjoy hiking, photography and traveling just to name a few!


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