About Raymond

For 25 years Ray Ross has been one of the top Real Estate Brokers in Los Angeles and is widely considered by his peers to be the go-to guy when they need advice in a difficult transaction.

A Southern California native, Ray grew up working in a variety of entrepreneurial family business's, which included: Drive­Through Dairy's, Bicycle Shops, Entertainment Ticket Brokerages and Film Equipment Rental Companies. It was through these life experiences that filled his toolbox with the skills needed in the unpredictable world of Real Estate Sales.

Ray has sold everything from 1000 Acre Ranches to 200 Square Foot Trailers. "No deal is too big or home too small, and there is zero ego involved," says Ray. It is these traits that make him special. His unique ability in high leverage situations has allowed him to service Entertainment and High Net Worth clientele, his keen eye for style has allowed him to navigate the sale of Architecturally significant properties. Yet, with all those deals, regardless of their moving parts, it is the satisfaction of putting the client in position to fulfill their goals that is his driving force.

"I'm a fixer," says Ray. "I'm at my best when we're in the deep end of the deal and the unexpected happens. This is likely the largest transaction that my clients have ever made. To them it is everything. I carry that responsibility in my hands and I must deliver a win at the end of the day. That takes experience. 50 years in life, 25 years as a Realtor and over 1100 closed deals. That is who I am, That is what I do."

Raymond Ross’ Recent Transactions