About Rene

As seen on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Rene is an award winning Realtor specializing in the trendiest neighborhoods of Southern California. A consistent record breaker in neighborhood sales, Rene is an experienced and consistent negotiator with a knack for solving problems. Rene is known for closing tough transactions with ease and providing top notch, uncommonly thorough service. She is fiercely protective of her clients' best interest and as a result, has developed a strong referral-based clientele. Rene's passion is connecting with and helping others achieve their dreams. Real Estate is the perfect vehicle for her to make a difference in people's lives. She understands that a house is more than four walls and a roof. It's where you celebrate life's wins, recuperate from its blows and plan for the next big adventure. Rene prides herself on her Midwestern work ethic, her exceptional integrity and record of success in the real estate industry.

Rene Wiebensohn’s Recent Transactions