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Some people wait in hope that the world will deliver to them opportunity fully-formed – these people tend to spend their entire lives waiting for some mystery ship to come in: a ship that rarely, if ever, arrives.

Then there are those who look around, see an opportunity, imagine what things should look like, marshal their resources - and make it so. These are the true agents of change; these are the inspirational individuals who leave things infinitely more interesting than when they found them.

Romina is one of these people.

Sure, she is the sort of person you want on your side but, more tellingly, you want her to pick you to join her team. She’s that kind of person. Foremost, amongst her many superpowers, is a superhuman ability to make the person she is talking to at any moment feel as though they are the most important person in the world. This isn’t some sort of smoke-and-mirrors trick – quite the contrary – it’s because she is truly, deeply curious about, and absorbed in, everyone with whom she engages.

And this is a superpower she has used for immense good. She has deployed it to gather the most interesting and the most talented around her. There’s real talent in being able to spot talent, and Romina has that talent in spades.

She possesses the taste and vision to picture the possibilities, the foresight to mold the team needed to deliver, and the dogged determination to bring the plan to fruition.

Her ability to create partnerships that can, in turn, create tangible value, is humbling to witness.

She not only arouses the most passionate loyalty in those she works with, but also in those she works for. Once you have experienced Romina’s charms first-hand, you tend to become a fully paid-up member of the fan club for life.

Why? Because Romina intuitively knows that loyalty can only be created when it cuts both ways. When you are in Romina’s orbit, she will back you and promote you at every opportunity.

The passion her heritage bequeathed her has been tempered by a ‘can-do’ upbringing, resulting in a fiercely determined independence that isn’t afraid to put in the hard work needed to single-mindedly pursue success. Simply put, if you don’t take an opportunity to work with Romina, you miss one of life’s rarest of treasures; the opportunity to do something incredible with someone incredible.
- Mark Braddock, Creative Director, Block Branding


Languages - English, Spanish

About Romina

Australia > NYC > Palm Springs

Not a lot of careers in real estate start in fashion. Then again, not a lot of people are quite like Romina. An Australian from Perth, who now calls Palm Springs home, Romina has seen her career flourish with a unique strategic and creative take on life.

After a decade of working internationally in branding, fashion and interior design, Romina is a multi-disciplinary talent who thrives on providing holistic, visionary advice and strategy to clients. She is now bringing her passion for life and flair for style to real estate. With her heart for forging relationships and her eye for design, Romina revels in bringing the dreams of others to life. It’s one of her greatest joys, which she’s lucky enough to now call her profession.

Along with advice in interior design and styling, Romina would love to help you settle into your new neighborhood, with tips on local foodie hubs, galleries, boutiques and attractions. She might even meet you there.


My Unconventional Career

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia and now calling Palm Springs home, my life and my unconventional career has been driven by instinct and intuition and a desire to connect and deliver a distinctive point of view. I have always been motivated by a deep engagement with humanity. I am interested in ideas and the people behind those ideas. My aim is simple; to continue to follow my heart and give people a unique and transformative experience. Click here to read more about Romina's life and career journey.

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