About Sara

Growing up in West LA, Sara was always a very sociable child- even chatting to strangers at the grocery store. This trait pushed her towards a Business Marketing major at Indiana University and then towards a career in real estate starting in 2005. In 2011 she was on the team that brokered the sale of Spelling Manor, one of the biggest real estate sales ever in Los Angeles County, and during her career she has closed 100% of the deals she's put into escrow. When coming to The Arledge Group and Compass Sara said, "I love the way that Compass has integrated technology in an easy to use, everyday sort of way and I love how team oriented The Arledge Group is. I enjoy working with other powerful, driven women and within the first few weeks of working here I already felt like part of the family."

Speaking of family, Sara is a wife to her husband Matt and a mom to their daughter Grace. The trio recently relocated to Agoura Hills from Encino, CA. Sara met with Denise Arledge in early 2019 and it seemed like a perfect fit on both sides. In fact, when asked how she feels about working here recently she said, "It feels like I was made for the Arledge Group and The Arledge Group was made for me." This seems like a valid observation because Sara naturally exemplifies our motto: 'Excellence is expecting more than others think possible.' From her knowledge of real estate, to her dedication to her clients, and even to her general sense of humor- Sara consistently displays "excellence" in her roles as an friend, a coworker, and most definitely as an agent.